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Hey Folks, just posted a new song, "Slow Misty Bayou Blues". Love some feedback.


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gary great song as i listened to it i thought it needed some slide guitar i got out my martin d18 and played along the slide made it kind of swampy to go with your misty bayou theme . Mark Chopper Land
I like it. It reminds me of some of John Sebastian's solo work a few years back. Ever think of adding a little harmonica? I think it would complement it nicely.

Good work, good performance.
Yea, it could use some filling out. This is just a first run at it with just my guitar, plus I added a bass line to make it move a bit more. Needs a solo guitar to counter the main guitar melody. Working on it.
Gary... I think the chord & melodic structure compliment the theme nicely. I agree that it needs some additional instrumentation to give it some added color. I did notice some rumble in the low end either from your guitar or bass. Not terrible but a bit distracting. Your vocals come through very clean and are easy to understand. Good story you tell.


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