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I really like Taylors, but do not own one.

Have to admit that the first time I saw the Taylor Method demonstrated, I was skeptical!

Cutting the strings before they're wound seemed really weird.

Finally screwed up my courage and risked a new set of Elixers to try the Taylor Method and now I find myself wondering why anyone would ever string a steel string acoustic guitar any other way.

It's just so simple, quick, and precise!

How about you Taylor owners?  Do you use the Taylor Method?

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Yep--works great especially with a electric power winder.  I have a Taylor Sea Turtle and Taylor palor.  The parlor is a slot head.  Only way to fly!

I do a wrap and tuck method myself.  Within 4 half turns you are in the ballpark.  I do use a cordless driver to take strings off but don't need it to put them on.  I usually end up with 3 wraps, sometimes 4 on the wire strings.  I am the proverbial old dog, I watched the video but couldn't bring myself to try it.

Yep, even use it on my non-Taylors

Works fine on my Taylor 314ce.

Works great on my Taylor 810.  I just purchased a Martin 00-28VS.  Any pointers on slotted headstocks anyone?

Absolutely.  I also have Martin, Guild, Fender, Carvin, and Gibson guitars, both acoustic and electric, and I use the "Taylor Method" on all but my Carvin - and that's only because it has locking tuners.  Works great for me.

I have strung many slot heads with the Taylor method.  Cut the strings before you wind them means to don't knick the wood with a wire cutter when you clip the string.  No clipping with the Taylor method.  Works great--get a power winder!


Been using that method for several years now.

On slot heads, make sure the first wind is inside toward the center of the headstock and the rest of the winds on the outside towards the side of the headstock.

I use the OLD Taylor method that they previously recommended.. wrap and tuck I guess is a good name for it.. havent had the courage as some others have said to go to the new method. may try sometime soon.

The new Taylor method really works well.  It's quick, easy, and precise. But I can see why some people would hesitate to try it.  I was that way myself.


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