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Is anyone using the Taylor K4 Equalizer ?  I'm curious as to whether it's worth the price.

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I took delivery on mine about 2 days ago. I'm impressed with the quality. I'm particularly impressed with the amount of frequency in the midrange you can sweep through. It should be no problem to get a great sound out of it. I'll be taking delivery on a Mackie SRM150 which will be my first test in a proper PA (otherwise it tested well in recording and was fun to use). 


I highly recommend the DVD that comes with it as it will really give you a feel for how the controls work. Seeing the graphical curve is a real eye-opener and explains the principles of Parametric EQ very well.


I don't prefer recording with the ES but if I did I wouldn't want to do it without the K4. It just makes the ES sound that much more natural. 


One surprise was that you really need to use the balanced TRS cable that comes with it. If you use the Taylor Low-Z cable, you'll find the gain is extremely hot (as I discovered I had to turn my Mackie Onyx Blackjack pre nearly the whole way down using XLR in and out).


So I'll try to post some recordings soon. But I am happy with the EQ so far!




Greg Lygon (Coming Soon!)


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