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Anybody ordered a new Taylor (particularly a 12-string) ??  I was wondering what the average amount of wait time might be for delivery.  The shop is saying 6-8 weeks. 

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I was going to save my saga until after I took delivery, but since you brought it up . . .

Late in December 2011 I ordered a T3/B with BTO inlays on the fretboard and headstock.  Since Taylor was closed for vacation I was told by the guitar manager at my local dealer (we'll call him Ritchie) that my order would be placed by his Taylor rep so it would be in the cue when they re-opened in January.  I too was given a six to eight week lead time.  No problem I thought, more time to save up!

During the seventh week of my six to eight weeks, I was contacted by Ritchie with bad news.  It seems that the Taylor rep had never entered my order in Taylor's system!!  Ritchie told me that his rep had "resigned" and that he would make sure my order was placed (which he did).  So another six weeks?

I decided to contact Taylor directly to see what was happening.  I composed an email and sent it off to the generic sales address. It's worth mentioning that I'm a regional sales manager for a top company in my industry whose story, timeline and core values are very similar to that of Taylor.  I fully understand the situation when a rep doesn't do their job.  It's Taylor, no one in their right mind resigns from a company like that!

A few days later I received an email from a Taylor district manager apologizing profusely and quietly acknowledging my assertion that the rep's resignation may in fact have been at the request of Taylor Guitars.  He went on to say that he'd do everything in his power to get my order pushed through as fast as possible, and asked for my street address presumably to direct ship my guitar.  I thanked him for his attention, gave him my street address.

About a week after that exchange, I received a large box of assorted Taylor goodies via UPS.  I sent off an email to the guy I had been corresponding with thanking him profusely and letting him know how much I appreciate the gesture (it really was a LOT of good stuff!)

I expect my T3 in about a week or so, I'll post some pics when it arrives.  This is exactly the kind of situation where manufacturers can shine or fail, and clearly Taylor knows how to shine.

Happy playing, one and all. . .


Thanks ... In a way,  I'm in the same situation you were in.  I'm actually in no particular rush.  For me, timing is important, LOL. I want to give them y 20% and get the order started, actually hoping that it takes a couple of months so I can be sure to have accumulated the balance upon delivery.  8 Weeks would be fine.   Don't want it to come early and have to cover it on a dang credit card!  BUT, by the same token, I do not want to wait as long as you had to wait!!!

That probably means that there is a backlog of orders and yours will be added to the production queue and built when yours comes up.  In a few weeks, you should be able to call Taylor and ask when it's due to be built, and they can give you a better idea when it will be delivered to the shop.  When it's shipped, you should be able to get a UPS tracking number and follow it across the country.  Unless you pay the high price for FedEx, they'll ship it UPS ground.  That, at least, is the way it worked when my son ordered his T-5.

I would suspect that getting a 12-string might take a little longer, but that's just a hunch on my part.  I haven't seen any GA3-12s in shops locally.  The only time I got to play one was on a trip to Atlanta where I found one on the wall in a GC.  I absolutely loved the way it played and sounded and decided after I got back home that I had to have one. This is the first time I've bought something not in stock.  I'm very excited over the prospect of actually getting a brand new, never been played by anyone Taylor guitar!

It doesn't take any longer to build a 12-string than it does any other acoustic guitar at Taylor - if anything a GA3 will take less time because of simpler binding and inlays.  Start to finish, Taylor builds a single guitar in about a day and a half.  If you ever get to San Diego, make it a point to visit the factory.

Yeah, I was just thinking that maybe they might only gear up for 12-strings periodically since they don't sell as many. 

I definitely would  love to take a tour of guitar manufacturing facilities they way some guys go around touring major league baseball parks!   First stop will be Nazereth. PA. Much closer than SoCal area for me.  But, next time I'm out on the coast, priority #1 is Taylor!!

While you're there, go visit Deering Banjos as well - about 8 miles away from Taylor.  Do Deering in the morning and Taylor in the afternoon.  The Deering factory is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH smaller than Taylor and a complete tour will take about 40 minutes.  If you're lucky, they'll have a Maple Blossom 12-string for you to play at Deering.  The Taylor tour takes about 90 minutes in two or three different buildings - they start at 1:00 or 1:30.  They have most of the line available to play.

HI Jud

I ordered my guitar Dec 3 (a saturday, so they told me the order would get processed on Mon Dec 5) and I picked it up on Dec 22, although it arrived at the store a few days earlier.  When I ordered it they told me it would take up to 6 weeks, and I thought it might take longer because of the holidays, so I was very happy to get it so soon.  Although it might have been worth waiting longer for a box of goodies like Craig got!  I ordered from Long and McQuaide which is a very big chain up here, they move a lot of guitars, and it was an 814ce, and Taylor makes a lot of them so that may have helped speed things along.


I'm  guessing Long & McQuade it the Guitar Center of Canada ... is that accurate?  My shop is a much smaller operation.  Yes, I would wait a coupleof  weeks to get a Taylor goodie box too!! :-) 

On the other hand...back in 2006 I special ordered my Gibson J160E with a Martin style "X" braced solid top.  This model has a neck join at the 13th fret to accomodate the single coil pickup at the end of it, which meant that they couldn't just modify an in process standard J45 to make it for me.  My dealer told me that Gibson had a rep for taking six to eight months for a special order!  The purchase plan I had struck with him, 12 months to pay with no interest, meant that I didn't have to hope it would take that long to build so I could raise the cash. To my surprise, he called me SIX weeks later and told me that Santa must have relocated to Bozeman Montana because I was getting an early Christmas present!

Here I am playing it at a gig last weekend with my son on bass:


Craig, can't wait to hear about and see pictures of the new T3!   I understand that they also make a 12 string version that would make a nice Christmas present, early or not!  Edward

Edward - yeah, a nice Christmas present indeed!!  Although, GAS prices ( LOL ) being what they are, I sold off my 1994 712 to offset the cost of the T3.  I wasn't playing it much these days so parting with it was not too painful.

Great pic of you guys, does your cellist son still play a gig with you now and then?


Well, I'm now into week #7 (of the 6-8 week estimate by the shop) ... LOL, now that I've got the cash accumulated, I'm suddenly getting antsy for the guitar to arrive!


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