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I currently enamoured with Taylor 12-strings. The GAS began last weekend when I played the GA3-12 at GC and it totally "spoke to me" as they say ... of course, new it's $1,200 + tax, so I have been looking used:

On CL, I have found a Taylor 355ce-12 w/Expression system  for $1,000 w/case

On Ebay, I've found a Taylor GA3-12 straight acoustic for $899 w/case

Assuming I can't go too badly wrong on either one, what input can you Taylor 12-string owners provide that might help clarify the similarities and differences.

I know the 355ce is a Jumbo model and the GA3 is a Grand Auditorium.  I'm assuming they both have the same nut width.  I would also assume that the Jumbo would have perhaps a louder, deeper tone.

I've actually played the GA3-12 at GC and I  LOVE the sound and the action.  To use that old cliche', it plays absolutely like "butter" and sounds like church chimes! 

Unfortunately, there are no 355ce's locally to try out, so I haven't played one, or even seen one..

Since I'd have to drive about 100 miles round trip to try out the the CL offered 355ce I'd love some knowledgeable feedback ... is this jumbo cutaway model going to have that same nice easy playing action that I like so much on the smaller GA3 ???  Am I going to like the sound as well??

Also, I would need to put a pick-up in the GA3-12 so I could gig with it, so the 355ce w/ Expression has the appeal of already having electronics.  But, then again, if it doesn't have that sound and playability I fell in love with at GC, I'd hate to drive all that way to be disappointed.

So, come on back with some advice for this guy with a bad case of Taylor 12-string GAS!  :-)


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Do you have a Breedlove dealer near to you?

Just Guitar Center and they have no 12 string Breedloves at either location.

Hey Jud

I am a 'buy and hold' guitar person rather than a 'trader' so paying a little more for the guitar that I really want doesn't concern me too much.  Cost is always a factor for most of us, but when you divide the extra cost by the number of years you expect to keep the guitar, it isn't much really.  Have fun.


Paul ... deep down inside I agree. :-)

Congratulations on the potential order! Are you ordering with electronics or without?

Without.  They said they can put a nice Fishman active pickup in for me afterwards for around $200.  So I'll get the guitar and then after my next pay check, I can get the pick-up installed :-)  BTW ... Even though there are no GA3-12s locally in stock, today at another shop I found a Taylor 355ce 12 on the wall and played it for a while.  Curiously, I didn't like the action nearly as well as the GA3-12 I'd played in Atlanta. this is a concern for me.   I'm really, really hoping I haven't fallen in love with one particular example of a GA3-12 and that the one I have built especially for me disapppoints!  Shudder....:-(

Once again, the 355 series was produced before Taylor started using the NT neck.  It takes all of 15 minutes for a luthier to adjust the action on a Taylor with the NT neck which is probably why the models made since have better actions - not that the action was bad on the pre NT series.

Thanks!  I need the re-assurance ... :-)


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