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I have a Taylor GC3.  It's getting time to replace the original strings.  I'm wondering how many Taylor owner/players have stayed with the original spec Elixirs and who have opted for something else and WHY.  I have D'Adario flat wounds on my Epi dread and Martins on my Epi parlour.  Keeping It Fun, Dean

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I'm a big fan of John Pearse Mediums on my old 810.  In my opinion they have the best tone.  Plenty of bottom end without getting "boomy".
My Taylor is an all-mahogany GS so I'm not sure how relevant this is for you, but the best tone I've gotten out of it so far is with Martin SP phosphor bronze mediums (0.013 - 0.056).

For me, it's the Elixir Phosphor Bronze (not the standard Elixirs), particularly with that much mahogany.

I liked the Elixirs my Taylor 210e came with, but I currently have D'Addario EXP19s Bluegrass (.012-.056) which are a mixture of lights and mediums.  Most of the other guitar players in the music circle/band I play with use these and that includes some folks with high end Taylors and Martins.  So I don't think you can go wrong with them.  I just noticed I haven't changed them in a little over a year which is probably not smart although I only really play once a week other than fooling around at home while composing.  They still sound pretty good to me, but I'm going to change them very soon to a new set of the same thing.
Switched to light D'Addario. Right now I like the sound better. May go back to Elixir some day.
I stayed with the Elixir lights only because the guitar was set up with these strings at the Taylor factory.  The sound  suits me just fine so I went with the adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." 
I like D'Addarios

All my string instruments have D'Addario stings. I have tried pretty much every string out there since I started playing guitar in 1964. IMHO they sound better and last longer than any of the others I've tried including Elixirs. I never use the strings that come on any guitar. Even a "new" guitar has old strings on it since it may have sat in a warehouse for a year before the store bought it, then it sat at the store for month before you bought it. Most guitars come strung with light gauge strings but I prefer medium gauge for thicker sound quality. My "go to" strings are the D'Addario J17 phosphorus bronze. I buy them by the box! Case in point - I just bought a new Taylor DDX. Of course it came strung with light gauge Elixirs. The first thing I did before even paying for it was to have the store re-string it with J17s, played it again and enjoyed the better sound. I can't put it down now.

I have stayed with them, and I actually really like them for recording...many do not and say you lose some brightness and punch due to the coating, but I find I get less "squeeks".

My 1996   Taylor 510 came with D'addario medium strings. played them for while then switched to Elixer Nano Mediums a few months later and have continued with them ever since.. just sound better to me... as a matter of interest my other guitars all have D'addario EXP17s. Have tried many many different strings over the years and always go back to D'addarios..except the Taylor..


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