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Hi everyone


Hope all are doing well.


I started a guitar school 4months ago. Have 8 students that I teach on a weekly basis for 30min each. At times I combine them two by two (group) for a lesson or two and than for the next week or two I teach them one- on - on.


However, I charge them $28 per month. I have one 9year old kid and the other are all working people. Between 25 - 50 years.


Can anyone give me some advise on how I can grow my Guitar School.


Thanks in advance



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Great topic David.

I'm in the planning stages of my school right now. I think I've managed to get a location that will allow me to have up to 4 lessons going at once. Of course, I don't need that much room yet, but it allows me a large amount of freedom to plan lots of things. I would also have access to a stage and sound system for recitals.
Wow! That's kul Andy. It give me something to think about. Thanks for replying

$28 per month for weekly lessons? I think you are seriously undercutting the rate. For the most this amounts to $7 per 1/2 hour lesson. But there are months that have 5 weeks. So you are now losing money for every 5 week month.

As for expanding, word of mouth by students will help. Having business cards and advertising on places like Craig's list and any local papers. Get magnetic signs advertising the school and stick them to your car doors. Someone on here had bags made advertising the school that I think were sold to new students as part of the sign-up. Post notices in community centers and other such public places that allow for it. All of these, and more, will help with exposure.

But, any of this (and anything else) will cost money. This is why I said your rates are too low.

Also make sure you have a clearly written cancellation notice that is posted for everyone to see. This should also be part of the signed lesson contract (optional but recommended). Most cancellation policies are "must cancel at least 24 hours before a lesson or the fee is forfeited".

I'm not sure how many students you have now but if you have 10 or more and are looking to get more because you aren't making money then this is a clear sign your rates are too low. The rate is likely why you have the students you have now and is attributable to being below standard rates elsewhere. If you are making some profit, I'm not sure how long you'll be able to continue to make a profit as you advertise and acquire more students.

My .02

I just checked your profile, David. It might have been helpful to mention that you are located in South Africa! Most of us were concerned about your 'low' rates but perhaps that is a reasonable rate for your locale. John's suggestions about business cards, magnetic car signs and Craigslist (if you have that or an equivalent) are good ones.
Hey everyone

Yes, I'm from South Afica. Around here it is a reasonable price. Thanks for all the responses. I'm learning alot from you all.

I've looked at the Tom Hess website. He wants $95 dollars a month! That's too much. I realize he has a lot of info on his site, but I would need to have 2 students a month to cover the additional cost. I'm not at that point yet where I can afford that.
Tom's program isn't for everyone. It requires a mindset that is significantly different from the "typical" music teacher. But then, the "typical" music teacher doesn't earn six figures from teaching. Tom does (and so do several of his students).

I know that the information in this program works if you put it to work. And I don't have to worry about something that can be paid for by only two students a month when I can teach 80 students with less than 12 hours of lesson time each week.

But the focus of growing your studio and improving as a guitar teacher is not about money. It's about giving your students what they need to imrpove as gutiar players. It's about retaining your students for years because they are so happy with you as a teacher they don't even think about quitting.

I agree with everything you said. I'm just not in a position to take advantage of Tom's services. I don't even have any students yet. LOL
Then get some students, man! ;-)

They need a teacher, and you can do it! Liberate them from their frustration! :D

Actually, I teach at someone else's school right now. I'm teaching Guitar, Ukulele, Violin and Trumpet. I'm in the planning stages for my school and I'm working on my marketing campaign. I want to have a good idea of how I'm going to fill up the roster before I lease the location.
Good for you! Being your own boss is so much better than working for someone else.


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