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Can anyone tell me if the Loar guitar is worth the money? I've seen a couple of films on YouTube but they are from a guitar seller so he maybe just talking the talk to sell these guitars

Thanks :)

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I played one at a shop and thought it was great for the that I mean it ain't like a vintage Gibson archtop, but then you don't need a second mortgage to buy one either!  They are all plywood, so they aren't going to sound better as they age, that means if it's a non-pickup model, just make sure you love the sound from the beginning, because that's going to be it. You might also go online and search for reviews in a forum.  I say in a forum because if the reviews are posted by a store, it is possible that they only post the good ones.  Musician's Friend and Guitar Center seem to post all of them good and bad...But NOTHING and I mean NOTHING takes the place of actually playing one in a store where you can hear it and not rushed so you can feel it too.  If you like it and it fits your budget, then go for it! If not, you will know it pretty quickly!  Good luck and let us know what you decide to do!  Edward

Edward many thanks for your advice, it was very interesting especially as in the video the man from the guitar shop spoke about the guitar getter better the more it was played!. I shall have a look if the guitar is for sale here in Holland I've seen it advertised in Germany but don't really want to go all the way there if not necessary and I shall definately let you know what I think...

Janet -

I started a group here for The Music Link instruments where I sort of reviewed this guitar. You can read more about it there, but in a nutshell, it has a typical archtop sound so, to add to what Edward said, make sure your like the sound of an archtop. They are not loud and various strings make a difference in the way they sound. They are a GREAT deal for the money and sound just like the old Gibsons (I have played several and owned one). Also, the neck might be a concern to you - it is not really slim and had a vintage shape.

I'm thinking of selling mine so I can buy the pickup model (was not out when I bought mine), so make that decision first also.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Hi Michael; you mentioned that you may be selling your 300.  Is it still for sale.  Perhaps we can share details.

thanks, Stepan

The guitar I was thinking of selling was my LH-600-VS. I decided against it, but a couple of months ago Lynn Wheelwright had a 300 in his shop he was willing to let go for a really good price. You can probably google him (his business is Pro Musician Outlet in Clearfield, Utah). If you can't find him I can provide his phone number if you like.

Lynn is an historian for Gibson and has written several articles for Vintage Guitar. He's a stand-up guy.

Thanks -



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