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ok so there is probably a group for fingerpicking but I figure I would give it a shot here. ?


It's time for me to seriously learn how to fingerpick. I am wondering who (persons)/what(books). would best suit a beginner with five thumbs on his right hand :). it would be cool if they taught slowly rather than show you how to do speed metal banjo and mandolin tricks on the 17th fret. lol


any and all help would be really appreciated


TIA: Scott

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I began my approach to finger picking using a book by John Duarte on Classical Guitar Technique.  I found this in the music library at University of Maryland, not sure if it is still in print, nor the exact title. I played with this for a couple weeks, but then found a teacher.  The positioning of your wrist relative to the guitar is important and I would strongly suggest having one who knows illustrate this for/with you.


For all the right hand combination's you'll need look for Segovia's Diatonic Scales for Guitar. A thorough workout for right hand options. Have fun.



Thanks for the reply. I'll be looking into it today. Sounds like a possible good start



Hi Scott,

Look into Happy Traum's 'Easy Steps To Guitar Fingerpicking instructional DVD. Happy does a good job of going very slowly and explaining things in a step by step manner. You can find this on his 'Homespun Tapes' web site.


If you ever find the need for an instructor I also teach fingerstyle guitar... either by Skype or downloads.

Best of luck to you,

Toby Walker




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