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Just curious, what is your favorite pick to use?  My family business is in the guitar pick business and I am bringing the awareness of our product to social media sites and forums.  I have not heard of a comperable jazz/uklele pick.  Any idea on who could be the best so I can check out our competitors?  Thanks for your help.



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When playing ukulele I do not use a pick at all. I use my thumb.

I MOSTLY USE FINGERS  and when playing blues I ues picks I make from old milk cartons very flexable

I know most people don't use a pick on a ukulele, and even my thinnest plastic Star Pick (.50mm) isn't satisfactory, probably because string tension isn't very high and the pick gets caught too easily, plus I'm concerned it will damage the strings.  So I've experimented by making picks out of card stock (trace around a real pick and cut out with scissors).  Nice sound (clearer than hand strumming) and harmless to the strings versus a plastic pick, and the price is right (free), but durability might turn out to be a problem.  Just have a large supply available.

Has anybody tried something like this? 

No but what a great idea!


Thanks.  If your family decides to commercialize the card stock pick, let me know. 

P.S. have you checked out the new group in AG Community, "Picks, Picks, Picks"?

P.S. I also tried a couple of felt picks I bought somewhere, and I hated them.  Clumsy, dull sounding, ugly.

NO, didnt know one existed! Thanks for the info...Merry Christmas!  And I dont think felt would be great...seems like it would start to get strings of fuzzy felt on your strings!


I make picks for my students (who think they need them) out of old belts leather and just reace a quater (25cents)  work great


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