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...but it looks as if it didn't show up for the Walden Group.  Here it is again:

This is Thursday, May 31.  I own a Walden G-3000, a very sweet sounding and playing guitar built with utmost care and craftsmanship.  All solid woods and the woods are beautiful.  There are absolutely no defects or scratches anywhere.  This is from the very first batches of G-3000s and it's my belief that the first ones might be a bit better quality than later years.  I can't see a single glitch in this guitar's quality.

Go to to see more photos.  

I don’t really have to sell all the high qualities of this guitar to people who know about Waldens.  Anyway, here are the specs:

body shape: Grand Auditorium

top material: Solid Sitka Spruce

back material: Solid Indian Rosewood

side material: Solid Indian Rosewood

soundboard bracing: "Pre-War" Scalloped-X

Neck: Mahogany

nut : Bone

nut width: 1 3/4"

scale length: 25.6"

fingerboard: Solid Ebony

trussrod: 2-way adjustable

reinforcement: Carbon Graphite Rails

binding: Flame Maple and Wood

rosette: Abalone

tuners: Gold with tortoise buttons

logo: Pearl

bridge: Faceted Ebony bridge

saddle: Bone

endpin: Ebony

Finish: Satin Nitrocellulose Lacquer

This guitar has been improved over what it was when it came from the factory.  I have done a setup for better action and installed new Ernie Ball Earthwood Lights.  I changed out the string pins for Carrico E-Z Peg Brass pins, which add to sustain and tone.  I didn't like the Walden pickguard shape so I installed a Martin D45 pickguard.  I’m a Luthier with a shop in Auburn, Alabama called Fretwalker Guitar Services.  My website is and you may find it worthwhile to visit, at least for the Free Lyrics Links Page.

I will accept the first offer over $750 and shipping will be $40.  Paypal only for payment.  You can check out my eBay/Paypal feedback by using my email address,  I will give AG Forums and the Walden Group first chance on this and wait until Saturday, June 2 at 9:00 before listing it on eBay.  


BTW, I bought this Walden new and its Serial# is 040105.  I'm selling it only because I'm in a financial crunch and need some cash flow.


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Good luck with the sale.  Sadly, Walden resale value, if Ebay is any indication, is not very good. 

You're website will not load for me.  It takes me to the web host's website and stops there, at least with Firefox.

Whoa, that sucks!  Thanks.  I called the host.  They checked and found that someone had hacked into my site and was using it to piggyback email lists!  I don't know much about that but I wish we had some way to file complaints.  There are just too many scumbags in the world and it seems a good percentage are on Internet.

The host said it will take a couple of days to fix this.

You're right about Walden resale value.  I'll probably have to sell my Martin instead.

I wish this were the cutaway (CE) version.  I would be all over it then.  Looks like a very nice guitar though.

Good luck with the sale!

BTW, by not having "Walden" in the title of your eBay ad, people searching for a "Walden" or a "Walden G3000" won't find it!  I didn't (I had to actually search under the item number you provided).  You definitely want to change that.


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