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This was recorded Wednesday 5-23 at my local open mic.  I'm playing my Walden G640 with 2 month old John Pearse phosphor bronze light gage strings.  The pickup is an active Schatten HFN going into a direct box which feeds the PA.  I'm wearing Jack Purcell sneakers just like I had 50 years ago when I was 13!  Comments on the guitar tone are welcome.  Comments on the playing and singing are not!

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How about comments on the sneakers?... ;-)

Well, I like the guitar tone - AND the playing - AND the singing...

Hope those comments are OK... ;-)

Thanks.  I'm far from the best at most open mics but nobody has more fun than I do!  Here's what the sneakers look like.  Pretty cool, eh?

Well done! You should have left the applause in. I thought the playing and singing were very good. I am curious why, did you tell us the strings were 2 months old? Do they suit your sound better as they age? 

Thanks for the positive comment.  The string age mention was just a point of reference.  They aren't brand new but aren't dead either.  I will probably change them before my next appearance.  I like fresh strings and so does this guitar.

Sounds great! Are you happy with the Schatten? I'm thinking of removing the stock undersaddle pick-up on my guitar and installing a passive Schatten HFN and mating it to the existing onboard preamp. Did you do your own install? If so, was it fairly easy to place the pick-up?



Yes very happy with it.  Install was not difficult but I did make a fixture to make sure I got the pickup aligned directly under the saddle.  Schatten tech support was very good and should be able to help you connect the passive pickup to your existing preamp.

Recorded 7-11-12.  Same setup as last time (Walden G640 with Schatten HFN active pickup) except for 1 week old DR Sunbeam strings (which didn't sound appreciably different from the 3 month old John Pearse they replaced.)  Fumbled the lyrics a couple times but hey, it's live and I'm an amateur!


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