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Dave G
  • Male
  • Cooperstown, NY
  • United States
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Dave G commented on Ted Hechtman's group Goya and Levin Guitar Owners
"Here's the same guitar for 1/3 of the price...or less if you can throw an offer."
Oct 9
Dave G commented on Ted Hechtman's group Goya and Levin Guitar Owners
"I was interested and inquired about buying this M-26 copy, having owned a couple of late 50's Goya/Levin models.  However, as much as I love the old Goyas, for 3 thousand plus dollars you can really shop wonderful vintage geetars, such as…"
Oct 9
Dave G replied to Leslie Rich's discussion Anyone interested? 1966 LM-26 in the group Goya and Levin Guitar Owners
"Glad to hear you found a 'fanatic' to love your guitar. Your nerves will be on edge waiting for it to arrive safely, I'm sure. Hopefully you're skilled at packing, but if I may offer an unsolicited piece of advice I would suggest…"
Jun 27
Dave G replied to Leslie Rich's discussion Anyone interested? 1966 LM-26 in the group Goya and Levin Guitar Owners
"Hi Les.  You should probably just settle in and make this a keeper.  I love the M-26 and my '58 was a great specimen.  I sold it on Ebay for $800 3 yrs ago.  By the looks of it you've put more into restoring it than…"
Jun 18
Dave G commented on Ted Hechtman's group Guild Owners
"Good to hear, Nick."
Jun 11
Dave G commented on Ted Hechtman's group Guild Owners
"Interesting to know that my first guitar, bought for me by my teacher, the great Buddy Merrill, was a Guild offshoot.  Didn't know at the time Orpheum was a Guild product, but I was only 15 in '65.  The rest of my Guilds were…"
Jun 10
Dave G commented on James Sennett's group Martin Owners
"The selling of my 5-15 Terz is just another in a long string of dumb moves. That thing Gordon's ( isn't that his name? ) playing looks smaller, though.Wassup, Greg?  Better get a prototype out.  I seem to remember mine…"
Feb 27
Dave G replied to Michael S. Jackson's discussion New Gibson in the group Gibson Acoustic Owners
"Holy crap, Michael!  Who knew you were packing such an arsenal of flattops?  And to think I was feeling sorry for you. I'll be interested in hearing your review of the L00. Who, may I ask, did you buy from?"
Feb 15
Dave G replied to Michael S. Jackson's discussion My Last Blues Guitar in the group Gibson Acoustic Owners
"You play the ES fingerstyle????  Yea, I thought I recalled that you were a fingerpicker.  I figure you don't live nearby a large enough Gibson dealer to be able to try out L00's or other permutations of the 0's. …"
Feb 13
Dave G replied to Michael S. Jackson's discussion My Last Blues Guitar in the group Gibson Acoustic Owners
"I was referring to the forum that Gibson oversees. I know you wouldn't buy a vintage sight unseen from prior comments. In the 'Acoustic' section of the forum, I think you'd get some good feedback on…"
Feb 13
Dave G replied to Michael S. Jackson's discussion My Last Blues Guitar in the group Gibson Acoustic Owners
"Hi Michael. I'm only interested in old guitars, and have owned three 30's era L00s. I loved 'em all, including my current '35. I also have a 12 fret '31 L0 ( son of L1 ) which is quieter, if you like strumming…"
Feb 12
Dave G replied to Martin Mets's discussion Levin Model 5 Star 1951 in the group Goya and Levin Guitar Owners
"I'm not an authority by any means, except that I've always been disappointed in the general undervaluing that goes on around Goya/Levin flattops.  I'll assume it's true of their archtops as well.  My guess, even in…"
Feb 4
Dave G commented on James Sennett's group Martin Owners
"Thanks for picking up on that , Rick."
Jan 25
Dave G commented on James Sennett's group Martin Owners
"Help me out here, folks.  We all probably read Richard A. Burns tale of woe and intrigue in the form of a message to all.  Does anyone know where that appears on this forum or page.  How would one respond to it if it only appears in…"
Jan 25
Dave G replied to Jim Yates's discussion J-45s and J-50s in the group Gibson Acoustic Owners
"My guess would be it was refinished, though I don't know what Gibson was doing in the 80's. "
Jan 22
Dave G commented on Brent McElroy's group Guitar Makers
"Alan...when I attempt to get a saddle out of a bridge slot, if it isn't loose enough to just wiggle out, I'll sometimes score between the wood and the saddle with a NEW straight razor blade.  Then I'll use a chopstick with light…"
Jan 4

Profile Information

Which one of the following describes your involvement in music? (Check all that apply)
Amateur or recreational musician
How many years have you been playing guitar?
20-30 years
Which of these instruments do you own or play?
Flattop steel-string acoustic guitar, Archtop guitar, Electric guitar, Lap-style slide guitar
The make and model of your guitar(s) and/or other instruments and gear.
'66 Martin D18, '57 Gibson J45, '36 Gibson L0, '65 Guild T100DBlonde
What type of music do you like to play?
Country blues, blues, R&R
Do you subscribe to or regularly read Acoustic Guitar?
I purchase copies at newsstands/bookstores

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At 10:54pm on September 10, 2013, Steve Linsky said…

Hi Dave,  I paid $212.50 for a well worn 1958 LS 16.  I reset the neck did a little fret work and added a K&K pickup.  I played 2 shows with the guitar and it held up really well with the lap steel and fiddle in my Western Swing Band.  I especially like the look, nearly Willie Nelson with chips around the sound hole and worn away finish around the pick guard.  It's part of the show now.

At 9:19am on August 24, 2012, GregsGuitars said…

Glad to her from ya Dave, glad your still enjoying that J45.we have had a great run this year on all our vintage acoustic guitars and just cant keep them on the site for very long ( good thing). Keep in contact .

Greg's Guitars

At 4:18pm on October 11, 2011, Greg Brandt / Maker of Guitars said…

Hi Dave,

Sorry for taking so long to respond....I've been jumping in the shop with a sudden flush of orders for these small "alto" steel string guitars my apprentice and I have been making. are you thinking of having this top restoration done? Are you just going to yank out the "2x4" (and if and let the original bracing suffice? Are you thinking of completely re-bracing the top w/ new braces? If were you imagining doing / having this done? take off the top? take off the back? new top (don't do that!)? When you say "re-done bracing", I'm guessing that you'll pull that 2x4 somehow (hope it was glued in w/ a heat / water soluble glue) and let the old bracing stay and use light tension strings. Sometimes wood has a memory (often really) and if the top was "potato chipped" for a while....I wonder if when the support is gone if it will go back to it's dipped position. On some nylon string guitar that were known for being underbraced and dipping down in front of the teacher (and by that I mean....often I would do the work) would install what he called a "flying brace". There would be two "pillars" glued on to the sides in line with where the dip was. They wouldn't go the entire length of the side. They would butt up against the back linings and stop about 1/2" or so from the top linings. A wing like brace would be made of Spruce or Fir, about 3/8" square, that spanned these pillars, with a little "button" of wood that, when the wings were wedged into these pillars, would press up on the center brace and force it up a bit and add extra upward support. I'm not sure if something similar could be done to exert enough force on a steel string (maybe pushing up at the intersection of the X brace....tho I realize this guitar may be ladder braced). It's just an idea....and one that's not easily or clearly explained here. If the original braces are in good shape and the 2x4 support is taken out cleanly (without taking out too much top wood) and the strings tensioned appropriately.....maybe it will work just fine. If the guitar finds that it's missing the extra support.....maybe something similar but lighter would be a good compromise. Maybe 2 or 3 pieces of veneer (Maple, Mahogany), w/ the grain alternating, would give it enough support but be less massive than what you describe.

I'm sorry to ramble...the only way I can do this is to think / write out loud. If you want to actually TALK about it....send me an email at  and I'll send you my phone number.

BTW.....that's a sweet looking guitar you have!! I love Mahogany topped guitars. I just got an order for a small guitar w/ mahogany top, back, and sides. I can do all sorts of things w/ these small guitars that I could never get away with in my "regular" work of building nylon string guitars. Here's a pic of a small Mahogany steel string I just sold.

Let me know what happens w/ the Gibson.




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