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Kirk Mathew Gatzka
  • Ortonville, MI
  • United States
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What are the Rules for posting song Covers?
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Kirk Mathew Gatzka Apr 11, 2010.


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My Songs

Does Anybody Know? - Double Drop D - Questions about our future and how we knock on the door of answers and wait to get in. We need to be taught for a good future.

Wait Until Morning - A song about leaving and or staying, another troubled relationship, what to do? I did this as Clean a recording as I could get. Plain Acoustic 12-String and no reverb or lead or voice overs.


Revel - DADGAD - Don't know where this one comes from but I don't Party or Revel or get Drunk these days. But the song promotes a kind of Freedom from responsibility I don't condone - Go Figure!


The Video "Hey You, It Ain't Me - Came at a time when I was having difficulty with an individual who had some supervisory capacity over me on the job. He abused his position and was generally a real pain to deal with. He thought he was something he wasn't and made many uncomfortable. Prideful is the word. This is not directed to any one here on AGC! Just him. So apologies if anyone is offended!

Come To Terms -  Two people coming to terms with each others shortcomings. Come to terms with me becomes Come to terms with each.


I Can't Get Enough of You - and - I Love You So Much - Two love songs based upon similar chord structures and improvisations. Sound similar to me but I know their similarities!


Be Kind Be There - Song collaboration with my son Keir who is 28. He wrote the lyrics as a poem and I set it to music. A tune about Hope and Kindness.


Play This Game - We all have met them, people who play mind games and always want to win. This song is about putting a stop to such games. It's in the Bridge!


Playing In A Vacuum - A song about writing without the benefit of having local musicians to bounce off of to create better tunes. Writing by oneself alone.


The Empire of Fame - Hard wrought Fame can result in isolation due to the celebrity it causes. Though famous one can be hounded and thus seek isolation or relief.


Why Make It So Hard - Difficulty in relationships can be overcome by loyalty and friendship.


Evening Jam DADGAD - with a backbeat but no bass. A jam with Gearbox software and my Toneport UX1 both now replaced by newer models, which I can not afford! So I'll stick with what I have, works for me!


The Gentle Breeze - "both of us were in a rush, I have to blush, in embarrassment." Oh that Gentle Breeze!


It's Simple When You Know How - A sweet tune, simple love song. Standard Tuning. I played a bit with some bass for this song during production. Playing bass on a 12-string is nearly impossible.


Reckonings II - Standard tuning - A rock tune about a day of reckoning, time to try some new things. I stretched on some of the rhyming here with "Cide" rhymes, but, all in all it says what it means. "Day of the slippery slide . . ."


Run Again - Drop D Capo 3rd Fret - A tune of reconciliation of two parties, one, wants to work things out, the other isn't present. One admits mistakes and promises to work on them to make things better. "I'm still discovering - How high I've got to climb."


Someday You'll Find - Double Drop D tuning. A dialogue tune about One who is self-centered and One who is not, but is giving a warning. Trouble, lack of peace of mind, someday you'll find, if you don't change your mind.


Everyone Can Fail - A soft, gentle song for me. It's about failure, but it's also about getting back up and getting on with things. For every failure there are successes.


Close to Perfect - A rhythmic song about how persons can make it through adversities and have a great loving, loyal relationship with each other.


*****Open Secret - I've been told by a trusted source that this is a pure song. I think that compliment goes a long way to explain this song. A song of trust and living simply and facing life straight on. Now for sale on! My first single posted there. "Open Secret"


Smooth Ride - An Instrumental based on the DADGAD tuning with the capo on the 4th fret, not sure what key that is! Some chords are discovered chords I found and others come from resources from the DADGAD Group listing. Some feedback on this one.


Draw Closer - Another DADGAD song about drawing closer to another in love. "As close as I can get is what you want for me," is part of the lyrics. Trust and Loyalty and Love. With a back beat.


Better Left Unsaid - A positive song about celebrating life. But some things cause rumors so leave them unsaid. Focus instead upon the positive.


Hook, Line and Sinker - Ever fall in love at first sight? Or was it infatuation? The hook was set!


Collision Warning - Just what it says, it's a warning song about pride and being about to fall because of it.


What Are You Afraid Of? - This is about the stigma attached to emotional and mental illnesses. Nothing to be afraid of!


Til It All Runs Together - Performance and writer's blocks broken, get the song out! Another DADGAD tune with made up chords and some found chords. Write all afternoon, til the evening comes!


The Last Good Cowboy - Inspired by my younger brother Kent during a hospital stay. The old penny pony rides, and how much we enjoyed them.But we all grew up sooner or later.


Hey, Hey, Mr. Geography - A local song as "E" was a failing grade in our area schools. It's a rocking tune about a lazy teacher and the result of not teaching us, I did what he did, which was nothing and got my first failing grade. It goes back to the Sixth grade.


Lil' Miss Lillian Decides - A nonsense song about a carousel ride and young love. Oh that Lil Miss Lillian! This rocks!


Pages without Number - Journal writing is what many of us do. Story lines of our lives, including our loved ones.


I Need You My Friend - As each day goes by, we all need friends. As we all write our songs and put our lives into them we reach out through them. The future holds promise.

And we need friends we can trust.


I'm Counting on You - Someones doesn't let you down. But you lose them as a friend and lover. You made the mistake, now you are counting on them to forgive you and come back. Scolding may be certain, but you want them back anyway possible.


Something Amazing - A happy song with rhythm. For the amazing moments in our lives and our desire to share those moments with others.


Hello, Hello - A Beatles like song upbeat and simple about love and cuddling. Go ahead and laugh, it' meant to be fun!


Like I've Never Been Refused - A surprised love song. When did the love begin? And why? It's like he's never been refused this love. Lovely chords in this one of my favorites.


Blind Guide - Rocking out! We all know how blind guides lead into a pit! A person who is only concerned with himself and always winning. Leaving victims everywhere. A plea for understanding goes unfulfilled. They never go far!


Red Eye Blues - More rocking! A true story about a midnight flight from Alaska to Chicago. Waiting for that baggage train, so tired and exhausted. Long night with Partyers all through the night on the plane. Just gimme some rest!


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Kirk Mathew Gatzka commented on Gil's video

Love Thats Here To Stay

"Nice one, Gil! When the muse hits, you have to write it . . . !  Glad others suggested you put it to music. very mellow and touching. I have been married to my best friend for 40 years this year, we have memories that can't be beat. I had…"
Oct 17, 2015
Kirk Mathew Gatzka posted a song

 play Something Amazing - Kirk Mathew Gatzka

Feb 18, 2015
Kirk Mathew Gatzka updated their profile
Jan 15, 2015
Kirk Mathew Gatzka posted a video

Music and Digital Visual Art by Kirk Mathew Gatzka

I am a Corel Products user for all my digital art work. I have occasion to use Paint.NET which is a free paint program, great for digital art and photography...
Jan 15, 2015

Profile Information

Which one of the following describes your involvement in music? (Check all that apply)
Amateur or recreational musician
How many years have you been playing guitar?
More than 30 years
Which of these instruments do you own or play?
Flattop steel-string acoustic guitar
The make and model of your guitar(s) and/or other instruments and gear.
Seagull C12 1990 12-String, Seymour Duncan Woody Pickup, for recording I use a Line 6 PodXT Live with Gearbox software, Shure PG58 microphone.
What is your website address?
What type of music do you like to play?
Classic Rock, Folk-Rock, Folk, Country, a touch of Jazz.
Do you subscribe to or regularly read Acoustic Guitar?
I purchase copies at newsstands/bookstores

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At 6:09am on October 7, 2012, Edward Sparks said…

Kirk, just listened to you new song REVEL...very nice...I get a David Crosby vibe and it sounds like something that could be in a movie soundtrack!  Alt tuning elude me to this day. I can't imagine how hard it is to get the great sound you get with DADGAD on a 12 string! The doubled vocal is a nice touch too...adds to the freeflowing vibe for me.  

At 1:01am on July 24, 2012, john a clark said…

Thanks for the friend request and the advice Kirk, I will keep plugging on and hopefully I will get there in the end and maybe end up with some decent songs like yours.

At 6:37pm on April 11, 2012, Jeff Lustick said…

My younger son plays both guitar and drums and we will sometimes  do some playing together. I would love for him to join me at some open mics sometime.

At 8:38am on April 10, 2012, Jeff Lustick said…



Must be great fun doing that song with your son. Well done by both of you!!



At 3:07pm on March 8, 2012, Jeff Lustick said…

Jusy listened to your new song-I really love hearing how your own personal style has evolved. Nice job.

At 6:27am on March 6, 2012, Edward Sparks said…

Hey Kirk, I like the new song!  I like the lead work and the extra vocal "hit" on the title line. Nice driving rhythm too.  Thanks for posting, Ed

At 12:55pm on February 21, 2012, Jud Hair said…

Hey Kirk!  Thanks for joining the Seagull group.  Glad to have you on board!

At 4:49pm on February 8, 2012, Jeff Lustick said…

I can relate to "Playing In A Vacuum"-all of my writing and 99% of my recording is done with just me. A challenge at times to be sure. Nice job expressing that.

At 4:41pm on November 17, 2011, Jeff Lustick said…



It looks like I forgot to send this the first time I did it so here goes again. Empire Of Fame-as Ken said a definite Neil Young sound right down to the lead guitar. And I could even imagine him writing a song about a topic like this. Vocals are right up front in the mix too. I look forward to hearing more.



At 6:14am on June 7, 2011, Edward Sparks said…

Hey Kirk,

Gentle Breeze is really nice!  The guitar sounds really natural and your voice is on key and like that it's right out front where I can understand every word...this would make a great pop song with drums and bass...I must be missing something though because I don't see the other tune, Evening Jam?!?!? Help! Edward 


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