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Designing a Guitar Body

Like other instrument builders, I have played around with the design of guitar bodies.  I have always worked from existing standard shapes and modified it from there usually with a basic geometry set and some poster board. In 2009 I read a very cool article in AMERICAN LUTHERIE #97.  It detailed ways to use geometric principles to design a guitar shape.

So recently I stumbled upon a …


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Baking/Cooking Your Tops

I build in a part of Canada that has dramatic changes in humidity throughout the year.  This has caused me some trouble when building.  It forced me to invest in some major climate control in my shop.  This way I could maintain a consistent humidity while building.  However, I find it difficult to determine the moisture content of a top and simply use "time" since I got the wood to judge whether or not it is worthy to build with yet. 

I recently started exploring the topic and found…


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Luthier work in the middle of nowhere

In 2009 I officially started a small business for building and repairing guitars. I was enthusiastic and invested heavily in getting things going since all my friends and family thought putting my luthier training to good use would be a rewarding endeavor.  So, I invested...and invested and if it was not for the fact that I had a full-time job as a high school teacher I might have had to give up something drastic like eating or wearing clothes.  I invested a lot and was disappointed to…


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