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Advice for staying in or around Nazareth PA

My family and I are going to visit the state of Pennsylvania this summer.

We live in the kingdom of Denmark in Scandianavia (ruled by a Queen since 1971)

We bring 2 teenagers

Off course I want to see the Martin factory, and my mrs. is very interested in patchwork.

It would bee nice, if you had an idea off something that could be at interest to the teenagers

We have booked B&B in Intercourse in juli on the 9-10-11-12 and 13th, but we would like to have a nice, not too expensive place to stay in the nights the 7`and 8 of juli near to the Nazareth and Martin factory.

Can you tell us where to go?

We would very much like to meet some of the local population, would you like to meet us?

I think it´s best if you send mailto:

Best regards Jan

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Comment by Jan Borgstroem on July 13, 2010 at 1:46pm
Yesterday was my big Martin factory tour day. I went with my family. We are staying in Intercourse in a Bed and breakfast( my wife is a quilter, so this er herfavorite place, We had an almost two hour drive to Nazareth, but it as worth it. We all had headsets on and could hear our guide as he spoke into a microphone.
The tour lasted abeut an hour, and I can highly recommend you to go. .
Pardon spelling and gramma-english is not my first languige
Comment by Jan Borgstroem on June 28, 2010 at 6:17am
Thank you ever so much, unfortuanelly we will be in Nazareth from abeut the 7th of juli, so I it seems like we will be missing all the fun ??
Best Martin greetings from Jan

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