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Since, my daughter's tuner disappeared somewhere, I let her have my spare Snark SN-2 tuner (deep red one).  I've been extremely satisfied with that tuner.  So, when I decided to order the Newport G7 Capo, I, also ordered the newer Snark Super Tight (black) tuner.  I got both of them delivered today.  Here are my initial test results...

Snark Super Tight Capo

The display is brighter, and a bit better at graphically displaying the tuning info, so it's easier to use.  The SN-2 tuner has a Mic/Vib button on it that is supposed to allow tuning either by sound (Mic) or vibration (Vib).  I've really only used the Vib setting, which I suspect is what most players would use, especially in a 'live' performance setting.  The SN-8 Super tight only tunes by vibration. The missing Mic/Vib button is not really missed, but it's worth mentioning that if you need the 'mic' tuning capability, stick with the SN-2 Snark.  Otherwise, this is the tuner I'll use.  I'll keep the SN-2 for backup, though.

I still can't believe how relatively inexpensive these little guys are - less than $11 US.  The Super Tight SN-8, also has a metronome of sorts, but I've never found this feature something I'd use, preferring the old wooden one I have from long ago. I highly recommend this all-instruments tuner.  I haven't found anything to beat it at twice the price.

G7 Newport Lightweight Capo

 I have used a lot of different capos over the years, recently settling in on a Paige U-shaped one.  I have 2 of the Paige capos, and sometimes use my older Kyser capos, when I'm too lazy to go where ever I've left the Paige capo  The problem I had with the Kyser capos is they tend to pull strings sharp above the 4th fret on all of my guitars. The Paige style capo has no such problem.  Now, I've heard great things about the G7 capos, so I thought I'd give it a try.  The newer G7 Newport is lighter weight, and a bit different from the older G7 Performance capo.  The clamping mechanism is not the pressure type of the Performance cap, but more like a clamp, with an adjustment screw at the bottom to allow tension to be more finely adjusted.

Nice in theory, considering the many comments I've heard about how heavy the Performance capo was.  The lighter weight seemed like something worth trying.  I admit to being a gear-head, and if I find something better than what I'm using, I'll probably get it when the price is right and budget allows.  Out of the plastic packaging, the Newport looks slick and weighed slightly more than my Paige capo, but not by much.  However, when I put it to a test, I found, much to my surprise - it pulled strings sharp.  No matter what kind of adjustment or guitar I used, it pulled the lower 4 strings sharp. The top piece that actually presses down on the strings has no curvature to it - looks pretty straight to me, which may be the problem, and the rubber piece thins out from inside to outside (open end).  In contrast my acoustic guitars have a 16" radius. 

The annoying aspect of this capo is relates to the 'popping' sound when you release the pressure to take it off.  If you were using a pickup or active mic it would most probably be amplified - bad bad bad.  The other negative is you can't store it on the headstock while not in use, so you better have pockets or some other way to keep it in reach when it's needed. I, also, found this capo a bit clumsy to use when changing positions.  Needless to say I was disappointed.  I don't know how others judged it, but I'm going to send this capo back for a refund.  At $30 US, it's too expensive to use as a backup.

I would NOT recommend this capo. 

So, there you go, and the standard disclaimer applies - Your mileage may vary...


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Comment by Phil Manuel on June 7, 2012 at 7:23pm

Thanks Gary, I did have to update the post to include some things I left out. 

Comment by Gary Ellis on June 7, 2012 at 3:00pm

Great review! Thanks I am already sold on Snarks but that new G7th capo did look interesting.

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