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Day 13: Last night, the restoration began to resemble a reality show . . .

. . . when Shin attempted to dry fit of the top to the rim and found that the top had shrunken smaller than the rim.  


This is the part of the show when we're all supposed to start hollering at each other. But this morning we quickly came up with a plan and got to work. 



 The rim simply needed to be made smaller. The only way to accomplish this is to remove the end block and butt wedge, bring the sides of the rim closer together, reglue the endblock, and then resize the butt wedge to fit into the space remaining.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?




Wait, it gets even crazier. If the block is not perfectly realigned, either the top or back (whichever is glued last) might not fit. And there's no way to really know until the second plate is glued. We therefore decided that if anything goes arwy the top should be favored. 

After removing the endblock (for the second time, by the way), we dry fit the back with spool clamps. This told us how much gap will be needed when fitting the back, after the top is already glued in place. 

Notice the piece of tape across the gap, beside the back. This held the rim together, allowing us to fit a small wood spacer into the gap. The spacer is the same thickness as the rim and the same height as the tape. A second piece of tape was placed on the outside of the rim, sandwiching the spacer between it and the first piece. The back was then removed. 

Tomorrow we will glue the top with spool clamps, perfectly aligning it to the rim. The gap at the top end will be defined by wherever the ends of the sides fall, and the gap at the back end will be defined by the spacer. 

The end block will then be glued back into place, and if all goes well the back should fit perfectly. After the back is glued the spacer will be removed, and the butt wedge will be refit to fill the gap.  

Or at least that's how it's supposed to work.


To get ready for tomorrow we glued the upper transverse brace and the two soundhole support braces.

We had originally hoped to determine the arch of the transverse brace by resetting the neck before gluing the back. Today's reality show dictated scrapping that approach and worrying about the arch later. We hedged our bets by lowering the arch about halfway.

Maybe I'll holler at someone tomorrow, but I hope not!

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