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Today we changed course a bit and decided to remove the bridge. I had intended to leave it in place, but one of the wings had become unglued and it became evident that removal would make brace regluing a lot easier. So off it came.


I showed Shin my technique of masking the top, heating the bridge with a heat lamp, and slicing through the glue with thin, tapered spatulas. The bridge was stubborn, but Shin was extra careful.


After removing the bridge Shin used heated spatulas to separate the back from the rim. This took a couple hours to accomplish but was cleanly removed.  The most difficult part was the removing the neck block.

With the back off we finally got a good look at the damage. Quite a bit of mold inside, and most of the back and top braces have nearly fallen off.
















In the middle of the day Shin got to tour a facility in Auburn, Maine where a 1954 Lockheed Constellation, a Cold War era passenger plane, was being restored. He came back thinking the Banjo Killer restoration is a piece of cake.


Tomorrow we deal with the mold and work on flattening the back.

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