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Today (Sunday) we began reglueing the linings, which were partially damaged or unglued by the flood. The treble side was in worse condition than the bass side.   



While clamping the linings, we worked on the top to prepare the braces for reglueing. Some braces were still attached at the thinnest end. We decided not to remove these ends for fear of damaging the wood. To remove the old glue we used zip strip and sandpaper.  




After glueing the linings, we carefully sanded and cleaned up the interior of the sides. The large buildup of mold at the water-line is now barely visible. 



Glueing one of the finger braces, using the go-bar. Notice how thin the brace is at the opposite end. For some reason all the thinnnest brace ends remained firmly glued to the top. Removing these with heat and a spatula would have made the cleanup easier, but could have caused irreprable damage to the delicate end of the brace.


Yesterday it was a beautiful day and was perfect for my (Shin) first day off since I arrived in Lewiston. Besides The BanjoKiller restoration project, I couldn't be happier to have one of the greatest experience at an air show, which is incredible. 

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Comment by Heytman Instruments on May 7, 2013 at 6:56pm

I meant endblock

Comment by Heytman Instruments on May 7, 2013 at 6:51pm

Curious. Do you always use ply for your heel blocks? Can't think of any reason why not.

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