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Like other instrument builders, I have played around with the design of guitar bodies.  I have always worked from existing standard shapes and modified it from there usually with a basic geometry set and some poster board. In 2009 I read a very cool article in AMERICAN LUTHERIE #97.  It detailed ways to use geometric principles to design a guitar shape.

So recently I stumbled upon a site by the author of the article R.M. Mottola.  The site is a wealth of information and includes a nifty software to basically do everything in the article and have the program do the calculations and drawing for you.  You can download your copy of the cool program here.

The only downside really of playing with guitar shape is finding a case that fits it.  If you don't go to wild you will still be able to fit your guitar into a manufactured case.  Otherwise you will have to spend the dollars to have a custom made case or go with a padded gig bag.

Either way, thanks R.M. Mottola for such a cool tool and being generous by providing it free to others to use!

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