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Here's a little review of the folk artists I've discovered over the past 6 months. The list is obviously not exhaustive, and I've just selected my 'Fantastic 4', i.e. my 4 favorites. And what you'll see is that this list is made up with girls only! Indeed, I've noticed a kind of good bunch of promising talents for folk or acoustic music in general. And most of them are female artists - which is great actually! Should it be the end of a men's, men's world?... Well, why not! To my mind, a female voice matches better than a male one to the sound and feel of the acoustic guitar, and to folk mood as well. So, below are a few words about each of them. Let the music play, and a big cheer up for the ladies!

My first go will be for a French lady of course! So, here's Gaëlle Buswel, a very talented girl with a stunning voice and a tremendous charisma on stage. You may have noticed many videos or events about her that I've already posted here on Acoustic Guitar Community. Gaëlle is a songwriter and also performs incredible covers during gigs. She's produced her debut CD with American bluesman Neal Black, and it is a real gem of folk, pop and blues. Here's her first official video, of the first single Yesterday's Shadow. A very promising artist - and I reckon : I'm a big fan! Gaëlle, to me you're the best!! ;)

My second fav comes from the chilling Northern Europe, more precisely Sweden. And this is a pair of young sisters who form the band called First Aid Kit. Actually, I discovered them... here! Indeed, someone had posted a video of them performing the song called Waltz For Richard, from their debut CD The Big Black And The Blue. First Aid Kit aren't distributed in France yet, but I managed to get this CD though. And I should say this is real good folk music. Their second album, The Lion's Roar, is out now. But I'm afraid they're going a bit too much towards caricatural look and music, a bit far from the authenticity and simplicity of their first album. Please girls, don't do too much. However, at least, this just my humble opinion. Whatever, here's the video that made me discover them, you'll be blown away by their beautiful voices and harmonies :

My third coming is a brit folk girl: Laura Marling. I've first read about her on the excellent British website For Folk's Sake. A very energic girl, very simple, spontaneous and authentic, who reminds me alot of celtic music tunes, harmonies, and instruments. I don't know all about her songs, but the ones I've listened to really touched me. She's also gifted for artwork, which is very fine to me too! She's an uprising and promising folk artist in the UK now. Here's her latest video that I could listen to over and over again!

And the last one isn't the least! She's my latest discover, so I won't tell much yet about her : Aimee Gould. This 18-year-old English girl from Southampton, Hampshire is a pure gem of songwriting, in the simplicity and efficiency of the traditional folk storytellers. But with a young, fresh touch of pop in her arrangements or her compositions. Anyway, I've been really surprised and bewitched when I first heard Fears :

Fears (Original) by Aimee Gould

Well that's it! Quick review, I didn't tell that much I know, but their music will tell you very much more I guess. Congratulations ladies, and go go go girls! Thanks for your music and talent.

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