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Frank Vignola and the Virtuoso Band - Concert in Salt Lake City - Oct. 24, 2011

(Above picture taken from the Balcony - click to enlarge the Captiol Theatre pictures)
The beautiful Capitol Theatre just before the large audience started to arrive.

This Frank Vignola Concert is part of the JazzSLC Concert Series produced by Gordon Hanks with Amanda Lufkin as the executive director. JazzSLC is a nonprofit concert series and is in its 18th year.

(Click on the following concert pictures to see enlarged views.)

Frank Vignola and the Virtuoso Band: 
Frank Vignola - Guitar
Vinny Raniolo - Rhythm Guitar
Jon Burr - Bass
Zack Brock - Violin
Julien Labro - Accordion

Each musician is a virtuoso! Even with my old non-HD video camera, I think you'll agree.

Video: (don't miss the ending of this encore number)

Frank Vignola and Vinny Raniolo


Frank said: "We will perform Mozart, Beethoven’s Fifth, a tribute to Django Reinhardt and Les Paul, Simon and Garfunkel, Rimsky-Korsakov and more."
(Concert Pictures were taken by Michael Mangum Photography .)
(The Frank Vignola Poster at the top was created by Whitney Bushman.)
I kept hearing comments about the concert like:
"It was just amazing! I will be here with all of my friends the next time they come."

Video: (enjoy this closing concert number)

Some views from the Capitol Theatre lobby - click to enlarge:

Ryan and his gorgeous Thorell Guitars shown before, during intermission, and after the show. 
We had to wait until after the show to take these pictures because there were so many people around Ryan that we couldn't get a good picture. What a great problem to have!

Line up of Ryan's beautiful guitars at the show. (click on picture!)

Listen to Frank Vignola's comments at the concert about Steve Williams of KUER and Frank's Thorell Guitar:
  Frank Vignola talking about and demonstrating his Thorell Guitar:

Michael and Gayla Dowdle admiring one of Ryan's Guitars
(Mike and Gayla have allowed Ryan to use their private recording studio - Thanks!)

Concert-goer admiring the inlay work on one of Ryan's guitars.

Ryan said about this inlay work, "This guitar is a new Guardsman Jumbo Flattop which is inlaid with an organic looking vine design based around local native plants."
Here is a close up view of that guitar:
(Be sure to click on this picture to fully enjoy the amazing inlay work!)

(Pictures by Steve Tregeagle)

What an incredible day!

My wife, Sondra, and I got to have lunch with Frank and his Band in the afternoon, enjoyed one of the most amazing concerts we have ever heard that evening and then in addition, saw our son's guitars admired and praised by almost everyone there.

Thank you has to be given to Gordon Hanks and JazzSLC. The great drummer, Jeff Hamilton, was here last month and said he didn't know of a better jazz promoter in the entire country than Gordon Hanks. Take a look at the wonderful jazz programs Gordon and JazzSLC have sponsored over the past 18 years:

Ryan's love of playing jazz guitar in high school and then making his beautiful guitars can be directly traced to his love of the great jazz musicians that Gordon Hanks brought to Salt Lake City over the years.(

Thanks Gordon for all you have done for my son and so many hundreds of others. Take a look at what Gordon has meant to the jazz programs in our Utah high schools and colleges:
Thank you Gordon Hanks and Frank Vignola - You are both as good as it gets! 

 Help support Jazz in the Salt Lake area - Attend a concert and bring your friends.
2012-2013 JazzSLC Concert Series:
Treat yourself to a great time!

(Picture of Thorell "Sweet E" by Janet Jonas)
Frank Vignola and other great guitarist playing Thorell Guitars:

Thorell Guitar Models in Pictures and Links - Enjoy:


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