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Friend or Foe
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Verse 1
He was baffled and bewildered for it beggared understanding
Why men should shoot their own when they heard the bugle call
It was not what he’d expected and he dared not move a muscle
As he waited and he wondered at the things which could befall

He didn’t sign up for glory, he didn’t sign up for praise.
When the bullets started flying, he kept his head down low
He didn’t sign up to swagger or to swank or to amaze.
If he knew then what he knew now he’d have chosen not to go.

Verse 2
His was not a calling and it wasn’t a career
Everyway he looked at things, it was just his daily bread
A way to clothe a family, a means to pay his way
Put a floor beneath his feet and a roof over his head

Verse 3
There was no where to turn and there was no consolation
There was no place to hide as he waited for the dawn
He knew it mattered little to the powerful and mighty
Within their scheme of thinking, he was no more than pawn

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