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Just came back from spending a nice morning playing Martin guitars at Mass Street Music.  I played an OM-21, GPCPA3, D-28, and an HD-28. The OM-21 is a nice guitar, and I was surprised that I could actually thumb the 1st fret 'F' chord  with its' 1.75" neck width. Finger style guitar was comfortable and the tone was really nice.  Moved to the GPCPA3, which was a fairly heavier guitar, probably due to the electronics, and it was nice, but not really 'there' for me anyway.  The neck was the same 1.75" width, but I had a harder time making my test 'F' chord using my thumb to fret the low 6th string 'F' note.

Next, came the D-28, also with a 1.75" neck width.  This D-28 was just beautiful, and the tone was so rich and bright.  I found it so easy to play, both strumming, and finger picking.  Up and down the neck was just spot on.  What tone!  It was the Martin sound I've heard folks talk about.

I put it back on the wall, and took down the HD-28.  OK, it was so light, and really stunning looking.  The herringbone trim to the rich color of the Indian Rosewood back and sides.  The neck was beautiful, and the frets were finished without any issues at all.  I had heard some HD-28s had some issues with frets sticking out a bit more than they should - not this baby. 

Now, playing this guitar was a dream come true for me.  It sings, moans, cries, and sweet talks better than any guitar I've ever played.  Everywhere on the neck was tone, tone, tone.  It had an angel's voice played soft, and a devil growl when I dug in hard.  It was loud without much effort, and the tone was unmatched by the other Martins, I played.  All of these guitars had fresh new strings.  I had the whole 2nd floor to myself to play each guitar without worrying about some hotshot coming in and ruining my vibe, which is rare at Mass Street.

Even,  Jim Baggett, the founder of the store took some time to come over to talk about the Martins, and played the HD-28, so I could hear it from a listeners perspective, which I highly recommend when deciding on a guitar to buy.  Yes, the Martin HD-28 is my favorite, and if not the one I played this morning, I know what my next guitar will be.  I can still hear, feel, and smell the guitar now.

It's going to be hard waiting for that tax refund to come, but when it does, I'm taking off work and getting that guitar!

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