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Never thought I'd use this phrase but 'gee, whiz' I am back on the road. Actually took a couple of months off to heal what turned out to be a fractured leg (toured 3 months on that through 12 states so I don't wanna hear any whining out there!)...also, got to enjoy a couple of versions of the flu (hmmm, I DID get two flu shots...makes ya wonder).

NAMM out in Anaheim was great fun once again and I was thrilled to meet up again with many of my sponsors in the real person form. (at least some seemed real). :)

In Tulsa right now and heading to Kansas tomorrow, Germany for the MusikMesse show after that and then I think I better come back home and take my turn walking the dogs.

So, my message for the day for all you pickers out there. Learn something new today. Not tomorrow. Today.
cheers. Slow it down to 1/2 mile an hour and work on your technique while you're at it.
richard gilewitz

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