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It sounded so simple... not really, but things have changed since I bought my Akai sound-on-sound tape recorder back in the '70s.  This time around, after looking at several different models, decided on the Tascam DP-008 PortaStudio.  I'm old school and feel more comfortable with the knobs, rather than the hand-held models that force you to press and press buttons, before you can actually record a track.  Other folks must like those units, and they record pretty well, too.  It's just a matter of preference, and the layout of the DP-008 just feels more like what I remember a recording studio to be.

So, I brought the little unit home and like everyone else just started playing around with it.  The manual goes through most of the functions reasonably well, but actually recording was a bit confusing until I figured out to hold down the REC button while pressing the PLAY button.  Also, had some trouble getting my Phonak SmartLink SX to work with it.  So, after about an hour, I was done with my first session.

I have not used a recorder in a while and found myself having a case of the 'studio butterflies'.  I started a new song, recording a song I've played for about 40 years or so.  I just couldn't get it down right, but I did manage to learn how to use the PortaStudio basic fuctions.

The important thing I learned though was even if you are using your own 'studio', have your material well rehearsed! Wasting time with 'do-overs' is still a waste of time.

At any rate, I'm happy I finally will be able to record and hear how I really sound.  Next, I have to get some worthy mics and mic stands.

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