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Joshua Payne - Master Guitarist playing his new Thorell “Grand Custom” Archtop.

Thorell Guitars is pleased to welcome Joshua Payne to its family of outstanding musicians.


Josh made the following comments on his twitter page:

"Goodbye sweet old dream guitar. Hello new dreamier guitar."

"Hand crafted by my old best buddy Ryan Thorell."


Comment from Ryan about this Grand Custom Archtop Guitar:


The Joshua Payne Orchestra performed every Friday and Saturday night at the 5 star Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as a number of other venues UNTIL he recently moved to Los Angles but he still comes back to Salt Lake often. Here is a link to their performance schedule:  If you get a chance, be sure to see them live! Josh brings a unique vision and interpretation to the jazz classics; one musician described Josh as playing “textures” not simply notes.

Comment from the JPO Website: "From late night street performances to glitzy hotel and club gigs, the Joshua Payne Orchestra is anywhere and everywhere.  The JPO is heavily influenced not only by jazz, but also hip hop, rock, and pop. Their eclectic repertoire features original music as well as surprising hits selected with reckless abandon from all across the radio dial.  Joshua plays an extremely rare handmade Thorell archtop guitar. Performing at out of town weddings, summer festivals, and several local weekly residencies, the JPO maintains an intense schedule and is in high demand."

Salt Lake Tribune on JPO:

Nine great videos follow showing Joshua Payne's incredible sound. Enjoy!
First, the Daniel Day Trio (Josh on Guitar) performs their arrangement of "Blue Monday" by the New Order at The Red Door in Salt Lake City, Utah in March, 2009:

The third comment down on this YouTube performance states:

"This is really really cool. It is very annoying that the camera is not on the guitar player during the amazing sounds that he makes. It would be great to actually SEE how he is doing those things."


The next eight videos were recorded by the Joshua Payne Orchestra:

Ron Harrell - Bass
Dan Thomas - Drums
Joshua Payne - Guitar


First, the Joshua Payne Orchestra performs "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas recorded at The Depot in Nov. 2009:

The next three arrangements were recorded at the Babcock Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 2nd, 2010 by the Joshua Payne Orchestra:

The Joshua Payne Orchestra performs "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn, and John:

The Joshua Payne Orchestra performs "Break Up" by Mario:

The Joshua Payne Orchestra performs "Walk on the Wild Side" by Lou Reed:


The next arrangement was recorded at Iggy's Studio in Salt Lake City, July 2011:

The Joshua Payne Orchestra performs "Harder Better Faster Stronger" by Daft Punk:


July, 2012 - The Joshua Payne Orchestra performs an original composition, "Hugo Chavez".


Jan 9, 2013 - The Joshua Payne Orchestra performs Ni**as in Paris by Kanye West and Jay-Z


April 26, 2013 - The Joshua Payne Orchestra performs"The Motto" by Drake at KUTV


Some great audio arrangements from the Joshua Payne Orchestra Website:

(I especially like "California Love" and "Make Some Noise")

City Weekly comments about JPO:



Sam Payne – Vocals
Ryan Tilby – Bass
Bart Olson – Drums
Joshua Payne – Thorell "Grand Custom" Archtop

Three youtube videos by Savoy:

Here are 4 great CD's by SAVOY - listen to CD's:


Visit Josh's Website and itunes for more information on JPO and more sample music:



Additional information on this new guitar model:


Picture of Josh's guitar as Ryan Thorell was finishing it:

Ryan's Sept. 2010 Newsletter on this new guitar model:

Introduction of this new model by Paul Asbell at the 2010 Montreal Guitar Show:

Additional information on Thorell Guitars, Players, and More:


Contact information for Joshua Payne:


Comments from Josh's twitter page about the Frank Vignola Concert in Salt Lake City on October 24, 2011
 Joshua Payne 
What a magical day! My heart is going to explode.
 Joshua Payne 
Whoa! Frank invited me to sit in with his band tonight at Capitol Theater. Woooohooo!
 Joshua Payne 
QT and I were invited to lunch with Frank Vignola and his crew. Woooohoooo!
 Joshua Payne 
So proud to be a Thorell player. My guitar was handmade by my old best buddy.

Joshua Payne and the Frank Vignola Virtuoso Band at the Capitol Theatre for the JazzSLC Concert

  1.   Frank Vignola, Joshua Payne and Josh's new Thorell Guitar at the Capitol Theater - What a night!

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