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After a 45 year long-distance love affair with Martin guitars, I've finally become a Martin owner. The guitar of one of my dreams, the HD-28 is now mine.  I played it at Mass Street Music in Lawrence last Saturday and knew it was one of the best guitars I had ever played.  Almost, bought one from Guitar Center, but had to back out of the deal, but I was able to regroup and made a deal with the folks at Mass St. Music.

I took off work today, mostly because we went to a concert in Lawrence last night, and I knew I'd be in no shape to work.  I made arrangements to pickup the guitar on Saturday, but really couldn't wait to get it home, so I went to Mass St. Music this afternoon to finalize the deal and bring the jewel home.

I'll post more pics later, but this pic is from the site of the actual guitar.

This guitar sounds so good and plays so easily, everything I wanted my Martin guitar to be!  Excuse me for gushing! ;-p

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Comment by David Rockett on April 26, 2012 at 9:43am

Great choice.  I love mine too.

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