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Three weeks ago, I took my one year old D16RGT to the Martin factory. It had settled to the point where the action was high and the saddle had been taken down as far as possible.

Lon, the friendly, knowledgeable head of repairs, put on a lower bridge. He had previously changed the nut, but this time he also changed the saddle. Now the only micarta is the fingerboard...which feels great. They also buffed out some minor scratches on the top...and the guitar sounds amazing. It was all covered under the warranty. I had previously buffed out the back and sides and now the glue from the new bridge has had a week to dry and the improvement is dramatic...the guitar is now easily as good as a higher priced model.

The only problem is...the great job the repair department does and the visit to the factory causes GAS and I always end up saving up for another Martin...maybe when I go back for Nazfest...

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Comment by Ed Rhoades on August 1, 2010 at 9:11pm
This is the acoustic guitar forum...please take it to a footwear forum...somewhere.

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