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Santa Cruz Guitars makes front page headline news

I opened up my morning paper the other day to see a full blown front page cover story about Santa Cruz Guitars.  I looked it up online to share with you all and even has 21 photos to look at....tip: hit the "captions" button below to see a description for each photo.:

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Comment by Richard Horan on July 30, 2011 at 12:55pm

Thanks Gil,

I enjoyed reading ''Santa Cruz Guitars Makes Front Page Headline News''.

A few years ago I was interested in making a Classical Electric something on to the Santa Cruz Guitars that Richard Hoover makes. but not knowing anything about the building process and the electrics I looked it up on the net but couldn't get much info on it. So I got the bright idea to send Mr Hoover a email not thinking that he would reply, To my shock and delight he did reply and couldn't have been more helpful to me even asking me how I had started off ( that's for an other time ) and what I was making ( 7/8 Double Bass ) at the time. It's a pity more people out in this big old world aren't as open a nice as he was to me, I will never forget him for that.



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