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You know, it's hard enough to justify buying a guitar over 1k, let alone come up with the cash to do it.  If you have a wife, and children, there are just so many other ways to spend your money, like school, paying bills, fixing the house, and on and on...  So, I feel pretty blessed when it comes to having a wife who is an artist.  She understands the 'needs' of artists well.  So, when it came to taking some savings to buy my Martin guitar, she just smiled and said, "Well, you've been wanting one for a long time." She gets her fair share of artist's needs too.  I don't balk at her buying art supplies, and we've been considering renting a loft space for her to use as a studio, but just haven't found the right place in the right location. 

We'll probably keep looking, but it looks more like we will sell our home, and try to find a small loft or building that we can use for studios, and a residence.  Our old country farm house is just too small for us, and our collection of art, books, cds, videos, and guitars.  I don't feel bad about it, though, some folks have a garage full of fishing tackle, bass boats, motorcycles, hot-rods, and other types of 'necessities'.  We've got visual and aural art, and make no apologies.

Still, in all of this array, it's my wife that I appreciate and love the most.  She's probably never going to read this blog, as she's pretty much a 'no-techie', hates to use a computer, email, and other tech contraptions, but I wanted to give her a thanks for being who she is, and allowing me to be whoever I am.

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Comment by Phil Manuel on April 16, 2012 at 2:22pm

Amen to that DJ!

Comment by DJ on April 16, 2012 at 2:07pm

Hoorah! and a huzzah for the good woman.  When you find a good guitar that you can't live with out you get it and take good care of it.  Play it gently and stroke it lovingly. No reason you can't do that with a good woman.  In fact I have it to have excellent returns. ;)

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