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The Medicine Show Little Feat Day today Dec 9th

The Medicine Shows is having a Little Feat Day

join Rob Ellen On Wednesday 9th December on 8pm and Nevis Radio at 10pm GMT to celebrate the music of one of the all time great bands. This will be tied in with a video feature on Flyinshoes Review a podcast on podomatic and features a House Concert which we recorded at Square Wheels House Concerts last month, with the Little Feat Guitar Duo plus interviews with Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett as well as delving into the riches of music that makes up Little Feat past and present.

Little Feat are a seminal rock band that came to prominence in the 70's by bringing all the strands and history of American music into one melting pot and serving a mighty meal of modern music that has effected the lives of music fans around the world ever since. These days the band still produce great albums and tour the world playing festivals and concert halls in all the major cities, they even have their own fan festival every year at a holiday resort in Negril Jamaica where they take over a beach and its hotel for two weeks. In-between times Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett (The Little Feat Guitar Duo) also release albums and tour the world as "The Little Feat Guitar Duo", perhaps reaching the places the band can't reach.

I got the chance to witness one of these at Steve and Clancy McDonalds Square Wheels House Concert in Strathpeffer in November 2009. and this is your chance to hear that concert exclusively for The Medicine Show.

Wednesday 9th Dec 8pm
Wednesday 9th Dec10pm The Nevis Radio Medicine Show

Video log and podcast will be available here on the 9th at 2pm

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