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This morning we removed the back from the go-bar . . .

. . . and found it to be reasonably flat. Further cleaning with bleach warped it again, though into a concave shape and not a potato chip. We now know it can be manipulated as necessary after all cleaning has been accomplished and before regluing the braces.









Here's what the backstrip looks like. The purflings are  separated in a way that forces the halves of the back apart; these cannot be brought back together with hand pressure. Next week we plan to losen each purfling line with a hot spatula, and hope that will losen the halves enough to be clamped and reglued. 











Much of the day was spent removing and cleaning the remaining braces.


.Shin used a hot plate with no heat to place and dry the braces after bleaching.






At the end of the week almost all disassembly has been successfully accomplished, most of the mold has been cleaned, and most of the old glue has been removed.


Next week we will be ready to begin reassembling the Banjo Killer.

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Comment by Doc Rogers on June 30, 2012 at 7:44am

Wow. Truly fascinating.

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