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8: 52 am

Type A

Put your hands on the typewriter

And imagine where your fingers are

To land and begin to move

The hand

Type “A”

Now where are your fingers?

And do you have the patience

To listen to me.

Type “A”

Where are your fingers?

And do you have the patience to listen to me

Type “A”

And what about your mother

Is she still in your head

Or will you just return to bed

Type A

And the positions- I need you

To return to the positions.

Or have you taken a ride.

To a place you’d rather destroy

Will you walk or run down the path of someone elses’ destiny…

And the shoes you want

Will still be there later so

Wait and consider the other many games that are available to play

and go go today go now

And waste more of your precious

Time with another sign

From God to move over there

Or spend some moments only moments

Because we both know that is all

We will get here with you

And “poof” your gone-

So where were we--- ok come back


Ok let go…

And hop in your car and drive to

The thrift store because it gives

You a kind of medicine that the

Drugs cant provide, a kind of soothing calm, a sigh

A visual physical, tactile experience
That we die for

Every moment…

And when you return to the

desired position lay upon your

hands and relax-

right hand here and left hand and

all fingers if you got them here

lightly just hovering above the


begin to type “ A”

now where is the key of “A”

type “A”

I don’t have time for this-

I need a coffee

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