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We started the day with a consultation . . .

. . .between me, Shin, and Cary Clements, my most senior craftsman. Over the last ten years or more, Cary has been in on just about every tricky repair project the shop has had to deal with, and I wouldn't want to make an important decision without his input.

After consulting a website addressing mold eradication, that Shin turned us on to, we decided to try vinegar and borax. Other fungicides such as bleach are apparently better suited to hard surfaces; tea tree oil seems promising but we were concerned that an oil might compromise re-glue operations.

Several applications of vinegar and borax on the back, side and top did a good but not perfect job getting rid of the black stuff. We plan to continue with additional applications over the next few days, and also try a bit of hydrogen peroxide on some of the blacker areas.

Cary got in on another round of head scratching later in in the day when we decided to remove the top. Shin and I both thought it might be easier to reglue top braces with the top off the body, though possibly more difficult to register the top and back when it comes time to reassemble.

Cary had the final word when he pointed out that if the top comes off now, then two weeks from now we won't have to wish we had taken that route earlier






As he did on Day 1, Shin heated the binding with a hair dryer and carefully pried the top binding loose with a cold mini-spatula. Then he used slightly larger spatulas, heated this time, to pry the top loose from the rim.







 The rest of the day was spent removing loose braces, regluing occasional splinters and misc. cleanup.


By the way, check out the braces. Scalloped on the bass side, unscalloped on the treble. Maybe we'll talk more about that later.



I am really impressed with Shin's patience and attention to detail. I am blown away by how cleanly everything has come apart. The guitar was built with Titebond, which can be a real bear to undo. The flood did some of the undoing for us, but 75% of the disassembly is attributable to Shin.





Tomorrow we go at the mold again and try to come up with a reassembly strategy.

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