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At 12:03pm on January 25, 2011, TL said…
Hi Rob,

thanks for adding me!
I enjoyed to listen to your tracks.

Greetings from Hungary,

At 3:21pm on January 6, 2011, Luis Motta da Silva said…

Well, Rob,

After watching these videos of yours, one thing we may be sure of: the only similarty between an Iris bouzouki and a Portuguese gutar is the soundbox shape...

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the songs (mostly whisky in the jar), and I did like the sound of your instrument. I also think you three make a very nice sound

By this time, you probably have seen the videos and heard the audio tracks I posted. It's a world of difference between my music and yours, but what would happen to green if everybody fancied yellow?

At 5:08pm on January 4, 2011, Luis Motta da Silva said…

Hi, Rob,

To be honest, I don't know how a bouzouki is tuned.

The tuning of Portuguese guitar is absolutely demential:

1st pair: bb

2nd pair: aa

3rd pair: ee

4th pair: bB

5th pair: aA

6th pair: dD

meaning that the 3 first pairs are tuned in unison and the 3 last pairs are tuned in octaves.

I also don't know much about the origins of bouzoukis. Have they evolved from mandolins? And how the hell was that migration from Greece to Ireland?

Portuguese guitars too have an interesting story: they seem to descend from old European citterns, but there was an inportant influence of the 18th century " English Gittars".

One of the particular featutures of the Portuguese guitars is the top strutting: they have three transverse bars, the first near the neck aproximately under the 15th fret, the other two right before and right after the bridge. But there is also a longitudinal bar uniting the third transverse bar to the tailblock. This longitudinal bar is put in place under pressure to counteract the string tension on the bridge..

I'd be delighted to discuss any aspect of instrument making with you...

At 2:21pm on January 4, 2011, Luis Motta da Silva said…

Hi, Rob,

Just accepted your friendship offer, thank you! Did you have a look at my page recently? I posted a picture and some soundtracks of my trio... hope you enjoy those...

At 2:29pm on December 3, 2010, Luis Motta da Silva said…
Hi, Rob!
Saw your comment at guitar makers group discussion on "Terroir...". Then I noticed your instrument which, at first glance, looked a lot like mine. In fact, it is rather different, but, after all, I can see that we both have a passion for instrument making. So, you're invited to my page, have a look on Portuguese guitars, see how they look, hear how they sound and... maybe we have a lot to talk about! I'm curious about that thick nut in your bouzouki's bridge. Is it a way to get better intonation, or does it conceal a pick-up?

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