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At 2:44pm on June 30, 2011, Pascal Proust said…
Merci Luis pour ton commentaire et ton soutien. Je ne connais pas beaucoup la guitare portugaise, mais je viens d'écouter quelques-uns de tes morceaux, super musique! On reste en contact ok? ;)
At 4:58pm on June 25, 2011, Philippe Fouquet said…

Merci beaucoup Luis pour votre message. Je suis allé sur votre page et ai écouté votre musique. C'est très beau. Très frais et authentique. Bravo.

Merci encore


At 1:31am on June 23, 2011, Iker Cedeno said…

Hi Luis,


You have wonderful songs here ;), congratulations!!!!

The one I liked the most is " Monte da Lua" fantastic song!

I am from Mexico!





At 12:05am on May 14, 2011, Albert E. C. Hemmings said…


Thanks for your last comment.

Listen to your site periodically.

Hope your work is not taking up too much of your time. We, all need time for ourselves. I guess, "we often don't give ourselves sufficient of this" - in the process of the demands of life eg. work etc. This is where I have found my interest in music has been beneficial - therapeutic diversion etc.

Listening to your interpretation of Greensleeves etc., at this moment. This is a number included in my/our guitar lessons at our local college. Still "working on" the Malaguena tune. Good for learning how to read music etc.

Still "working on", again ther'es that word/activity, - The Shadow tunes. Took one of my Burns guitars to our weekly practice session last week. Had quite an impact. Was a pleasure to play.

Will be catching Bruce Welch etc. at the annual Shadowmania gathering later this year. Might pick up a few tips. He, uses his acoustic guitar(s) on stage, a lot more these days. I believe the original recordings used acoustic rather than electric - rhythm section. The electric guitars were "more functional on stage".

That's it for now.

All the best.



At 6:28pm on May 9, 2011, Maggie Berry said…
Thanks so much for checking out my music, I really appreciate it. Really enjoyed your music as well. I appreciate all kinds of music. :D
At 7:55am on May 9, 2011, Albert E. C. Hemmings said…


Trust all is well with yourself, etc.

"Long time no hear".

Been, rather busy with guitar etc., of late.

Best wishes,


At 7:53pm on March 23, 2011, Nina Jo Smith said…

Thank you for the link and the comment, Luis. More beautiful music to listen to!

Cortisone shot only helped my hand temporarily, but I've been changing the way I play and wearing a thumb splint. I'm hoping to get a new splint designed better for playing guitar. The tendonitis is finally clearing up & now i just have to deal with arthritis at the base of the left thumb.

As you say, never give up! What is life without music?

At 2:31pm on March 16, 2011, Nina Jo Smith said…
These are just great. I play 12-string guitar and love the double-course sound.
At 9:58am on March 16, 2011, Albert E. C. Hemmings said…


Thanks once again for your reply.

I can see I'm going to have to invest in a  ?? Portugese dictionary.

The Malaguena I'm refering to, is a tune. I have discovered/realise that there are vocal renditions of the tune/song Malaguena. However, I cannot remember by whom, at this moment in time. I shall have to investigate the piece, again.

The one, that I have recently aquired a copy of, is a traditional version and has been arranged by a Richard Glenn. It's, more thorough than the "tune" that I'm used to. But as you've said before, there's a " De Ja Vue" about it. I hope I've spelt that correctly. Have been working at it, and am getting there, slowly. "Not so young, as I was". But, younger than Sir C.R. and Messrs. H.B.M., B.W., B.B. etc. etc.

Cheers for now.

Best wishes,


At 6:23pm on March 14, 2011, Michael D Krampitz said…
Thanks Luis for your input,the Hofner bass I have is just something I bought on line I have always been a Fender man when it comes to basses I have had a gibson also a long time ago.but for now I have a Fender Bass which is a cross between a Jassbass and a percission bass.I like the sound of your Portuguese guitar.I would mind having one of those in my collection.I have to get rid of alot of my guitars.It looks like the guy playing the Martin in your group is playing a D41.Well take care my friend keep playing that great music it sounds great.
At 9:09am on March 11, 2011, Albert E. C. Hemmings said…


Hello once more.

As regards the comment(s) of the other day - developments with "Malaguena piece".

I have been able to aquire two "interpretations" of a tune titled Malaguena. One was aquired from a local Guitar shop, and the other from a "teacher" -, former and current, of guitar playing.

So I am begining to "get to grips" with a tune called Malaguena - one of the many tunes/songs that are titled thus.

Watch this space.

Best wishes,



At 12:42am on March 8, 2011, Albert E. C. Hemmings said…


Thanks for your last comment.

In view of "recent happenings" on the site - ?? scams/supicious intentions etc. etc., it would seem appropriate to consider/use your suggestion with reference to more personal information.

Music/guitar wise, have had some developments in the Malaguena area.

Cheers for now.


At 1:43am on March 7, 2011, Albert E. C. Hemmings said…


Thanks again for reply.

As regards "my profession" that is very much in the past. It was rather dissapointing how it all ended - 2005, officially. I'd had enough of interfering politicians, managers etc., excessive workloads, understaffed wards, lack of adequate support etc. etc.. Just some of "the problems" of the people, who had/ have been /were trying to provide a satisfactory service to the pulic.

It's a pity that politicians/managers don't "get off their butts" and actually try dong the work, in reality, - not "just for five minutes" rather than sitting in their offices, walking the corridors with their clipboards and "trying to look efficient". Nothing has really changed. The big question is will it ever?.

I could go on and on. I started my nursing career in 1967.

Now have the time to give "the guitar(s)" the attention, "I would like to have given them" for all those years. I think the French expression is ?? "Se la vie". Not sure I've spelt it correctly. Last time I studied the language, was at Secondary Modern School - 1960's. Where have all those years gone?. As the saying goes, "time flies when one is having fun".

That's it for now.

Best wishes, once more.


At 5:52pm on February 28, 2011, Steve Gadd said…
Lovely music. I love the Portugese guitar and Fado though what you play is far broader.
At 5:14pm on February 22, 2011, Albert E. C. Hemmings said…


Thanks for reply to previous comment(s).

You'll possibly/hopefully find Lute Number on YouTube or any dowloads etc. of the Extended Player, (can/do you remember those? - alternatives to Long Players, especially if one couldn't afford the album at the time etc.) to the film Rhythm "n" Greens.

Don't know if you are aware of the details of the film, it was a "comedy take off, of the creation, history etc. of the world" - not religiously orientated. Featured The Shadows primarily - Hank, Bruce, the late John (Rostill), Brian line-up. If my "memory" serves me right recorded at Scarborough -seaside/entertainment resort on the North East coast of England. There was a guest appearence from a Cliff Richard, who played a very minor role - ?? King Canute, who endeavoured to do a "Moses role" - stop the tide/sea from coming in. Film was narrated by Robert Morley, actor/star in various Cliff films etc. eg. The Young Ones, Wonderful Life, Finders Keepers primarily.

Rhythm "n" Greens was generally a support film. I remember the film coming to a town outside of my hometown at the time. It was never shown at my hometown cinema. Thus, the journey out of town at the time.

Will have to check-up on the track Autumn. Vaguely, recall it. However, forgotten which ?? album ?? etc. it comes from.

Anyway, as the saying goes "that's enough anorak material for now".

Just had a listen to some more of your music, on the site. My guitar "playing" has a long way to go. Perseverence etc., is "the name of the game".

Cheers, for now.

Best wishes,



At 4:00pm on February 14, 2011, Albert E. C. Hemmings said…

Hi Luis,

It's Albert E.C. again.

I'm currently on your site, listening to your selection of music

I believe, I was listening to your Greensleeves last night. It's a tune I've always liked inspite of that Henry VIII (English King), alleged, in some quarters, to be the composer of the piece of music!!??.

Don't think The Shadows/Hank have done a version.

However,  John Williams - Classical Guitarist, may well have done so. Probably more his forte.

The  Shadows made a film called Rhythm 'n' Greens which featured a tune called The Lute Number. I think it has the Greensleeves feel about it. Have you heard it?. Think it might appeal to you.

Once again,

Cheers for now.

Take care.  

At 12:53am on January 26, 2011, TL said…

Hello Luis,

thanks for adding me as a friend! I really liked to listen to your tracks here, great band.

Last year i was in Lisboa with my girlfriend, what a beautiful city, we had a great time there. We really enjoyed to listen to the Portugal music.

Yours sincerely,



At 8:26am on January 22, 2011, Matt Brown said…

Ola, Senhor, Thanks for your comments. Meu portugues e muito enferrujado, e por isso, tenho que escribir em ingles. Espero que voce esta bem hoje.

I came to know of the Portuguese guitar over the course of several years. When I was studying for my undergraduate degree, I took several Portuguese language courses for electives, and that was fifteen years ago. After that, I was always aware of all things Portuguese, and it didn't take long before I began to appreciate the music of Amalia Rodrigues after having watched the film about her career. Then, I began listening to Ana Moura, and then Carlos Paredes, among other guitarists.


Finally, I have wanted to learn guitar for a very long time, and since I enjoy the Portuguese guitar's sound so much, I chose it to begin to learn. The sound is so full of saudade, and it is beautiful instrument with many possibilities.


Thank you for letting me know that you are willing to answer questions about the instrument and the playing of it!



At 2:10pm on January 19, 2011, John McLeod said…

Hi Luis,

I appreciate your response to my question. I would like to make contact with them regarding a guitar. Thanks again. John

At 12:48pm on January 7, 2011, Rob van Leuven said…

Hi Luis,


a lot of differences indeed, but the one similarity is that we are deeply involved in the art of building and playing these beautiful and interesting instruments and enjoying their beautiful sound... Shortly I will finish my first guizouki, which is a bouzouki with the shape of a (parlour) guitar; it will be interesting to experience the character of this new instrument and I will be glad to share the experience with you in due time.


Best regards,





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