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At 4:04pm on April 25, 2009, Jeff Lustick said…

I responded on the discussion but figured I'd write here too-I had the same problem you did with "Echoes" on my computer. It does play on my page and you can also find it at

My shoulder improves day by day-I can play some guitar but only for short periods. Thanks for asking. I am going to stop back here later to listen to some of your songs in case there are any new ones I missed.

Take care.

At 10:25am on April 20, 2009, roldo said…
I just noticed you made an electric 12 string. I have a '64 Baldwin "Double-Six" - a relic of my AcidRock days. There's maybe a thousand Instruments around here, too many to count anyway. I'll post some pics soon as my files come back. My external hard drive died and I'm waiting for the recovery.
At 10:17am on April 20, 2009, roldo said…
Hi Edward! My Gibson turned 100 this year and is in better shape than I am. I prefer Gibson for finger-style 'cause of the wider neck - my Martins are mostly for flat-picking.
My lap-steels are actually just two guitars that turned up here with necks so bowed it seemed their own real option. You can hear one of 'em in my song "Changling", which I recall recording in E tho it seems to have ended up in D# somehow (??). The actual tuning was reg Open G but with E instead rather than a proper Open E tuning, Its an old Valdez 12 string.
I also have a generic 6 string (thrown out by a non-musical friend) in Dobro tuning and a wierd home-made thing my cousin found in thrift shop - basically a box with a guitar head and fret glued on - which I have in a "Dobro Minor" tuning DBEdbe (I may have invented that one - at least I don't know anyone who uses it).
My steel is a piece of round chrome steel I found and set into bit broom-handle that I carved finger grips into.
Open E was the tuning-of-choice for a friend of mine who plays pedal steel.
At 7:22pm on April 18, 2009, Clark Bjorke said…
Hi Edward,

Well, my Guild is a little F-30 grand concert size guitar and not a jumbo. It does have a big sound, though. It was built in Hoboken in 1964. I sent some pictures of it to Hans Moust. maybe it will appear in the next edition of his book - maybe. You can see it in some of the pics on my profile.

I'll look up your friend Patric for sure. Being so close by, we may run into each other at some musical event. See you around.
At 6:54am on April 16, 2009, Bob Prince said…
Hi Edward,

By "signature vox" I meant that your voice has it's own unique quality. Both in terms of sound and phrasing/delivery. I don't think to myself: "Hmmmm...sounds like...."

It's a pleasure to listen to you sing and play.

(I had checked out Walt's comment to you just before writing my original message...thus the gaffe...)

At 2:05pm on April 14, 2009, Bob Prince said…
Now those are some fine, fine lookin' pieces of wooden artistry...and the music's comin' out of 'em real sweet, too. Signature vox. You've definitely been around. Must be nice to play on an ax you built yourself.
At 6:48pm on April 7, 2009, Walt Pilcher said…
Thanks for the picture/article. Fun! In a related forum, someone opined that the Little Martin (formica model) might be good as a canoe paddle too, but not as a guitar.

Wow, talk about little guitars! Those look great, and I'm sure the Martin folks wouldn't have been impressed with anything less than top craftsmanship. Is this more than a hobby? Nice work!
At 12:25pm on April 7, 2009, Walt Pilcher said…
Just to close the loop on this, after shopping, playing & researching a lot over the past few weeks, today I bought a Little Martin LX1. It came down to a choice between that and the Baby Taylor BT1 (formerly 305 I think). Unlike the formica top Martin LXM, the LX1 has a solid Sitka spruce top and it sounds a lot better. Only $20 more for the spruce. Although the BT1 also has a spruce top and sounds good (and I liked it better than the Baby Taylor mahogony sound), I just liked the LX1's sound a little better than the Taylor's. Like you, in addition to traveling with it, I'll be using it for writing and practice where I can put it on my desk or get it close to the PC monitor when I'm looking at teaching videos or picking out a progression I want to use, without worrying about knocking it into something. And I won't be using it as a cutting board!

Thanks again for your earlier comments. They really helped.
At 7:42pm on March 22, 2009, ROB ENGLISH said…
Yes I agree no big deal it is just irratating to see non philharmonic players with scores in front of them, I love being entertained and listening to a performance you are 100% right about the stand issue now if anyone aspires to take performing to the next level remember you have to rehearse and practice I often work for Walt Disney Entertainment when I was booked inTokyo to perform at Disney sea Folk music sea chantys etc I Rehearsed for two weeks after I got there before they would let me perform and that was a six hour a day five day a week rehearsal and then I had to show up at the venue for a walk thru run thru with a full cast and support at 4:30 in the morning before they would turn me loose and I was doing material they supplied in a bound music folio with my name on it so you should expect to perform without a stand if you wish to be an entertainer of the public kind however your comment about playing for an audience of other musicians is well taken and most of them are thinking hey I want a shot at the mic Im better than he is forewarned is forearmed for those about to foray into the performance arena it takes practice practice practice to make a satifsying performance and when you get it right you know it and the audience knows it and it is a good thing to entertain musicians and non muscians alike without the folks who come listen to us play where would be YOU WERE RIGHT IN YOUR COMMENTS I AGREE see you out there
At 4:03pm on March 17, 2009, Jeff Lustick said…

Thanks for taking the time to listen to the CD and for your feedback. Other people have mentioned the Paul Simon thing and any similarity is fine with me!!! It is not a band on that blues song-it is all me except for the drums, they are from my Digitech RP 350 guitar processor unit. I will be happy to send you the lyrics and chords to Next To Nothing-it's actually a VERY simple chord progression and I would be thrilled if you wanted to play it. I will get it to you as soon as I can.

Thanks Again,

At 1:22pm on March 16, 2009, Gil said…
Just a note to say thanks for being a friend and I am honored by your request. I have listened to your songs here and you have a new fan in me. You are a very accomplished pro player and you inspire me. Thanks for your music!!
I just started back up playing again in 2006 and now I wish I never quit!
At 6:26am on March 16, 2009, Bob Hofmann said…
Thanks for the welcome Edward. I've listened to a couple of your songs and you sound great - your watching the river run video is great. One of my favorite tunes. I'll visit your site when I have a few more minutes to spend some time. Thanks again for the welcome!
At 9:09pm on March 14, 2009, Eddie said…
Edward, Really like your song Hello Woman. I had listened to it the first time I visited your page I believe. Took the time to listen to it 3 more times tonight. Awesome tune and playing/singing. Was trying to think who this style of song reminds me of, almost a Paul Simon type of arrangement/singing. On another note, you may find this one hard to believe, but the "different shade of blue" mp3 was actually played on my PR150 Epiphone. Just 2 tracks. Eddie
At 2:50pm on March 9, 2009, Jeff Lustick said…

According to the serial number my D28 is from 1999 or 2000. I bought it in 2000. It was a guitar I had always wanted and when I finally reached the point of being able to buy a really good guitar that ws my first choice. I also absolutely love my two Taylor acoustic electrics (410RCE and 614CE) but in my opinion the D28 is the best sounding guitar I have ever owned.

I'm glad you liked Next To Nothing and Rainy Day-they are both on the CD I just sent you. Actually. if you were on that website you probably saw most of what is on that CD. Thanks for taking the time to go there and listen-it is much appreciated.

At 11:15am on March 9, 2009, Leo M Whitebird said…
Hey Edward- I gave a bit more thought to your query- it does seem to me that the open D or E is going to be a good jumping- off point...E is nice for the rock and blues stuff, D is cool because it gives you some notes below the E (for instnce the 7th on the E string, the A below B that can be used to great advantage in pull-offs and partial-bar chord formations...The nice thing with any open tuning is the secret 3rd fret formula- you good blue note, grease notes, whinynotes, whatever reside there! This is why we love open E for the blues- get your guitar in open E and just work that 3rd fret on every string and you'll dig what I'm saying! To really get some speed it's nice to have the open strings to work off of,but the pattern pertains in any position....By the way I just noticed a misspelling in my last reply- E should be EBEG#BE. Stacy Philips has some real good books...Peace & Love LMW
At 5:04pm on March 6, 2009, Gary Furlow said…
Just watched "Watching The River". Very nice, especially considering the guy with the camera was just standing infront of the speakers.
At 4:37pm on March 6, 2009, Jeff Lustick said…

I was just on your site and watched the video of Watching the River Run. I love Loggins and Messina and that was a really good version with excellent harmonies. Ialso watched Here Comes The Sun and Fire and Rain. They truly sounded as good as the originals if you ask me. If I closed my eyes I would have believed it was George Harrison or James Taylor playing guitar. It's neat that your sons play with you. My younger son plays drums and some guitar, played in a band during his high school years and every once in a while will sit in on drums with some people I play with. I think I enjoy those times more than any others!!!

At 12:06pm on March 6, 2009, Jim Masters said…
Edward Just watch your new video. I really like that song. Good Job
At 8:33pm on March 4, 2009, Steven A Bradford said…
Edward, Thanks for adding me as a friend. It seems we are the same age, like a lot of the same artists and like quality made guitars. Have a Martin D35,Taylor ns34ec, Martin so ukulele, Harmony ( 1960 ) baritone ukulele. Want to write songs but not yet tried. I know if I try I could. Need to just sit down and concentrate on the job. Keep up the good work ,you are doing very well. Oh, by the way do you think Simon (American Idol) really joined the group?
At 6:44pm on March 2, 2009, Jeff Lustick said…

CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your CD!!!! What a great feeling that must be. I would love a copy of your CD but you worked hard to make it ane I would be happy to pay you for it. My e-mail address is If you send me yours I will give you my home address.I am really looking forward to hearing your music!!!


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