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At 9:48am on July 13, 2010, Jerry T. Yates said…
Thank you C, for adding me to your prayer list. I know that prayer is the most powerful weapon we could ever have and use, because I know God hears and answers them. The biggest challenge for me though, is waiting on His timing. It's always perfect, of course, but I always want Him to answer "Right now!"
At 12:08pm on July 12, 2010, Jerry T. Yates said…
Hello C,
Thanks so much for your comment! If you were the least bit inspired by my hand situation, then I praise God, that this happened to me!
All I did was basically strum, for 30+ years, until, for reasons unknown at the time, I felt like I needed to teach myself to "Travis Pick". But please don't get the wrong impression, because I do not, and cannot, Travis Pick like Merle Travis did. I mean, he used the most outrageous chords and shapes, I've ever seen in my life! Now, I'm nowhere as good as Doc Watson either, but the way he Travis picks, is much the same way I do it. I guess I should just say I use the alternating bass, type of fingerpicking. Since my surgery, I can't strum at all, with a flat pick, nor pick the strings with a flat pick, because the nerve, which runs from my wrist, up into my thumb, index,, and middle fingers was damaged. But I know that God is still on His throne, still in control, and that He still makes everything work together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).
Thanks again for your comment. I needed it! God Bless you!
At 11:27am on March 8, 2010, Ron Nagle said…
Hi C L, thanks for the friendship and the nice words.
Your Friend,
Ron Nagle.
At 10:08pm on April 25, 2009, Ed Rhoades said…
I used Cake Walk for years. I began to have problems with it and upgraded to Sonar...which is much more powerful.

One suggestion...back your files them as Cakewalk when your system goes down, you don't lose hours of work.

Ed Rhoades
At 1:36pm on April 25, 2009, hue said…
Please! Behr.... are more excrement than excellent.Please don't buy that knock off crap from Behr....r. They steal intellectual property. What you need is a proper recording interface. Did you do your demos at home? Because, from the sound of those you don't need any help. I'm assuming those were professionally recorded. If not kudos to you. You should be giving tips rather than asking for them.
At 1:08pm on April 6, 2009, Leo M Whitebird said…
Hey C- another thing I forgot to tell you is that there are some excellent sources of info online for free! As welll as the online stuff, Tape Op, for my money the best recording rag out there is free! Sign up for a scrip at, and also check oue EQ and Electornic Musicians online Mags and forums; alot of good discussion that is directly relevant to what you're doing...Peace & Love LMW
At 11:20am on April 6, 2009, Leo M Whitebird said…
Hey C- You didn't say what your front end was, but in general when recording to PC you want a good quiet preamp or mixer (the Mackies and Behringers are excellent, as well as the ART Tube MP series..) and a couple of good quality microphones.These days most manufaturers are making high quality and very afforable mics. For under $100 you can get a set of MXL mics that work very nicely (check Musician's Friend) If your going with the ART pres get one that has the OPL option, a limiter that will keep you from excessive levels going into your soundcard. Digital clipping is an ugly thing and cant be undone once it's in the program...It is better to be a little conservative with your levels and boost them once you are mixing....Hope this helps! Peace & Love LMW
At 12:38am on March 22, 2009, Doc Fleetwood said…
Just wanted to welcome you to the Gospel Guitar group. Hope to have some great conversations with you in the group. Thanks for the Friends invite.

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