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Craig Hood plays After the rain ( Flock Anna Montgomery ) by Aaron Kaplan (HD)

This is my second recording of this song in higher sound/video quality.

Craig Hood's acoustic guitar and voice arrangement of Aaron Kaplan's excellent song "After the rain".
I first heard this song at the end of the film called "The Flock" from 2007 (which is a brilliant film).
I just kept rewinding the film and listening to the song over and over, it's not often that a song grabs you on first listen.
Anna Montgomery sings (beautifully) on the film version.
The guitar arrangement is my own take based on the piano and guitar from the Flock film version.

I emailed Aaron Kaplan when I uploaded this in case there was a copyright problem, he answered saying he was "flattered" also "I am blown away. First off, you've given the tune a whole new life- I love the acoustic rendition/ arrangement. Its beautiful. You have a nice voice".

He also forwarded the email to Anna Montgomery who said "I couldn't let the evening go by without sharing my appreciation for your rendition".

I wasn't expecting that kind of response and felt honoured, humbled and very happy about it.

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