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ENJOY! Stephen Stills - Sounding Out - Part 1

Thanks to YouTube user damagedangel08 for posting this video:

"Part 1 of Stephen Stills interview on 1970's television program "Sounding Out". TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:the interview shown here is shown with the full permission of MR. STEPHEN STILLS. Furthermore, all rights to this 1973 interview are PUBLIC DOMAIN...."

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Comment by Phil Manuel on July 11, 2012 at 5:27pm

Ah, thanks for posting this one here.  I'm a long time fan of Stephen Stills.  I've got an old tab book published in 1993 with tab to that 4+20 tune he's playing at the start of the video.  The tuning he calls 'wierd', he called "Bruce Palmer tuning" tuned from 6 string to high 1st string E - E - E - E - B - E.  Bruce Palmer was the bass player in    Buffalo Springfield. It's a great tuning for playing around, and it was also used for Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.  One of my favorite guitar players, acoustically or electric - the man has chops, and is just unbelieveable in concert too.

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