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This song was inspired by the US Army soldier, Bradley Manning, and the associated Wikileaks scandal.


The call it came.
No longer he waits.
He walks through the gate,
On the way to war.

To the east he’s sent,
He sees no end,
So a hand he’ll lend,
On the way to war.

Data he mines.
He finds the lies.
His time he bides.
On the way to war.

When he asks why
He’s ordered to bite
His tongue and fight
On the way to war.

Loyalty in question,
If he shows opposition,
To the current mission,
On the way to war.

So he must succumb,
To the beat of their drum,
Till his job’s done,
On the way to war.

But he won’t sit,
Idly by,
While they die,
On the way to war.

He crosses the line.
To expose the lies.
It may be his time,
On the way to war.

The whistle blew,
Now he’s through.
The price of truth.
On the way to war. x3

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