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ok group, my apologies for not usin' a seagull(S12 or M12) on my 1st ever video

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Comment by Phil Manuel on August 23, 2012 at 11:39am

Great job on that tune!  I switch from using just fingers, and using picks, and fingerpicks.  I generally use the thumb, index, and middle fingers while finger picking and sometimes use the 3rd finger and pinky with no finger picks.  It was hard for me to get used to using finger picks, and took about 3 or 4 months to feel comfortable with it.  I kept getting the pick stuck in strings.  Anyway, seeing your technique reminds me of a lot of older blues guys I've seen using only the thumb and index finger, and I say whatever works.  My nails are brittle, and I just don't have time to keep them maintained - my classical guitar tutor hated my nails and care.  Heck, I wasn't trying to be a concert level classical guitarist, just don't have the discipline for it (I admire those that do, though). 
Enough rambling... good vid.  Hope to get to doing some myself soon.  Keep it up! ;-)

Comment by michael schwartz on August 23, 2012 at 8:09am

thanx...when your thumb nail gets worn/broken, whatcha gonna do? Hence my particpation in the "fingernail" discussion a while back. I'll have to look up the Jerry Douglas version. Isn't he WONDERFUL?

Comment by Jud Hair on August 23, 2012 at 7:36am

good job with the thumb pick.  I simply cannot use one for some reason!  Love "The Boxer" ... great S&G song and Jerry Douglas currently has a really cool dobro-driven version out that's getting a lot of air play on Sirius XM Coffeehouse and Loft channels.

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