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Luis Motta da Silva's Videos (10)

  • First Winds

    First Winds

    No matter where we play, we always open the show with this Song Of First Winds (canção dos primeiro… Luis Motta da Silva Sep 12, 2012 5/5 stars 152 views

  • Azul (Blue)

    Azul (Blue) 03:17

    Esse Azul do Teu Olhar, by Manuel Ribeiro, was a challenge: the guitar is tuned to open E, which fo… Luis Motta da Silva Jun 21, 2012 5/5 stars 288 views

  • Greensleeves

    Greensleeves 01:57

    Portuguese Guitars are the result of a long evolution. One of the main influences was the 18th cent… Luis Motta da Silva Dec 9, 2009 5/5 stars 344 views

  • Fado Alberto

    Fado Alberto

    This is a Fado tune composed by Miguel Ramos (1904-1982). I'm playing Florinda (a portuguese guitar… Luis Motta da Silva Apr 20, 2009 5/5 stars 308 views

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